655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA 94305
United States
3022 Broadway
Uris Hall, Room 216
New York, NY 10027
United States
Rafik B. Hariri Building
37th & O Street, NW
Washington, DC 20057
United States
300 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
RRH 2.350
Stop B6004
Austin, TX 78712
United States
44 West 4th Street
Suite 6
New York, NY 10012
United States
Soldiers Field
Dillon House
Boston, MA 02163
United States
Olin Hall
Babson College
Babson Park (Wellesley), MA 02457
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

Babson College is “highly regarded” for its Blended Learning MBA Program and is the “#1 school for teaching entrepreneurship.” The program specifically focuses on entrepreneurial studies in all of its classes. About half of the students are looking to start their own businesses, “while the other half is looking to expand functionally or enter into higher levels of management.” “There is a heavy focus on three areas: entrepreneurship (most importantly), group/team work, and management/organization.” For most graduate students, flexibility is crucial. Many MBA students want a program where it is possible to “balance both work and school” without giving up their current source of income. The Babson College Blended Learning MBA program offers the opportunity for students to attend classes both on campus and online. One student says, “I really enjoyed the Blended Format. Working in Corporate Finance means sometimes I cannot leave work to attend night class and my schedule is incredibly demanding. The blended program allowed me to be flexible while also getting the critical face time in class for discussions.” Babson students
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.20
Work Experience: 9.3 years
Applicants: 201
Acceptance Rate: 83%
Average Age: 35
2600 Sixth Street, NW
Suite 236
Washington, DC 20059
United States
339 Ifshin Hall
55 Colchester Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405
United States

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