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The Boler School of Business at John Carroll University offers a part-time MBA program for working professionals with at least two years of work experience and a full-time one year accelerated program (fifth-year) for recent graduates. Unlike traditional MBA programs, the part-time “MBA is focused around solving real business problems” and learning about the decisions business leaders have to make. Every class starts with a real problem, posed by a regional company, and “over the semester, students learn tools to help solve the company’s problem.” These unique courses “are designed to challenge students to leverage all business disciplines” and learn about project management, leadership, innovation, and resource allocation, instead of separating knowledge fields by theme or topic. This helps students “absorb relevant knowledge” and learn “to solve problems from a multi-discipline perspective” and approach them “from a holistic point of view.” This is particularly helpful to “those who work full time” because they can “immediately put into practice theories they’ve learned in their current profession.”

Students think the majority of professors are great and appreciate that they “are connected to community business leaders.” Professors “tend to have real-world experience” and are “knowledgeable in their fields.” Additionally, they are “friendly” and “helpful,” and are willing to “go the extra mile to ensure a great education and comprehension of material.” Students appreciate the flexibility of the program and the “convenient scheduling” that allows them to vary the number of classes they take each semester. John Carroll is really about putting students first, and with its affordable tuition and “stellar” local reputation, it’s no surprise students are so “impressed” with the program.

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Tracy Patterson
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Boler College of Business
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Applicants: 97
Acceptance Rate: 94%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.23
Years Work Experience: 0.2
Average Age: 23



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