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A small, Christian-affiliated college in a progressive Northwest city, Seattle Pacific University offers an MBA and Masters in Information Systems Management that considers “another way of doing business.” At SPU, business education “really isn’t just about the bottom line, but about sustainable, ethical business practices.” “Christian values” are fundamental to the school’s mission, and students note a “dedication to social issues” through the curricular and extracurricular offerings. In addition, the school’s Center for Integrity in Business explores the intersection of faith and business, bringing plenty of experts, new research, and special events to campus. As a result, this MBA doesn’t just introduce skills; it focuses on “building character to stand in the face of obstacles.” A current student enthuses, “I believe there are some great leaders that come from the school, and will go on to affect their communities and the world in a powerful way.”

The MBA at Seattle Pacific is a comprehensive general management degree comprising nine core courses, ten required advanced courses, and five elective courses. Teamwork and communication skills are emphasized throughout the curriculum, and there is a “focus on social ventures” in the coursework. To tailor the MBA, the school recently introduced another area of concentration in social and sustainable enterprise. In addition, SPU “offers a MS-ISM degree,” which “incorporates the best of the technical IT world and the business world to create leaders who can excel, and most importantly, communicate in both worlds.” Despite the emphasis on technology, students feel the curriculum could include “better teaching of quantitative subjects and less reliance on qualitative.” While small in size, Seattle Pacific University boasts great “connections to [the] business community” and an active “mentorship program” with local business partners through the Center for Applied Learning. In addition, the school frequently invites “community leaders into class[es]…for live demonstration.”

For working professionals, “flexibility” is a major advantage of SPU’s programs, which include MBA classes in the evenings. Professional students also appreciate “the willingness of the staff and faculty to work with you to accommodate a busy work life.” On that note, the atmosphere at SPU is very supportive, and “most of the professors are very receptive to extending help and want feedback on their classes.” The program is small, so class sizes are reduced. In the MBA program, there are rarely more than thirty students in a class (and the average class size is just thirteen to fifteen students.) In addition to provoking students’ comments and discussion, “the small class sizes have allowed [students] good access to [their] professors.” The school employs both adjunct and full-time faculty. “Most of the professors are very good” and students, on the whole, are “very satisfied with the classes, professors, and classmates.” Students are split on the administration, however. Some say the top brass should “be more responsive to their customers,” while others assure us that “the administration is solid, wants the best for us, and works hard to get the best.”

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