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The University of Missouri-Columbia, commonly referred to as “Mizzou,” is the central and most populous campus in the four-school University of Missouri system. The Crosby MBA program, named after Gordon E. Crosby, Jr., the former USLIFE CEO who made a $10 million donation to the program in 2002, has been described as a “versatile program” where “current business issues and trends are the core of many classes.” Mizzou has a “great combination of cutting edge curriculum and facilities for a bargain.” Point in fact, both the benefits of in-state tuition and “excellent financial aid” make Mizzou a draw for in and out-of-state residents alike. Mizzou’s “well-ranked” business school also boasts “excellent dual-degree programs,” such as a dual JD/MBA, a popular MHA/MBA and the five-year IMSE/MBA program, which according to one student, “allows me to get an education in both engineering and business while on the same campus.”

Other program offerings within the Trulaske College of Business include degrees or concentrations in accounting, economics, healthcare administration, finance, international business, investment banking, leadership/management, marketing, marketing analytics certification, and non-profit management/public administration. The Mizzou campus itself also has the advantage of size. One chemical engineering student tells us, “The campus has a medical school, law school, and veterinary school, within a few blocks, making it ideal for entrepreneurship and innovation.” All MBA candidates are required to take a course focused on experiential learning and to personally consult with small business owners.

Since Mizzou does offer such a “broad curriculum” and a large number of “resources available for students,” the student body covers a wide range of experience, both professional and academic. One thankful student tells us Mizzou “allowed me to pursue my MBA without prior professional experience.” Another student has indicated, “The students with work experience tend to come more from management and marketing backgrounds and have stronger skill sets than the ‘straight-through’ students.” This dichotomy, while beneficial in many ways, has also prompted one concerned student to plead for the business school to “increase the number of students with work experience.”

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Applicants: 63
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