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Premier Essay Package

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Tip the Scales in Your Favor

The essay is well-known to be a “tip factor” in admissions decisions and scholarship reviews—a thoughtful, memorable essay could be what gets you in.

Not sure where to even begin? Get unstuck fast with the help of someone who knows what colleges are looking for in college essays. Our college counselors have worked behind the scenes in admissions offices at top U.S. colleges, and they know what makes a successful essay topic and what falls flat.

Whether you’re writing your main personal statement for college applications, drafting one of many supplemental college essays, trying to present your case for admission to a selective summer program, or vying for a competitive scholarship, our Premier Essay Package will help you craft your most polished personal statement with the expertise of our college essay consulting team.

Dig Deep

A high school essay demonstrates to a teacher what you know. A college essay should demonstrate who you are. There's a reason the primary application essay for college admissions is also called the personal statement. It’s your story. It should be a story that no one else could possibly tell.

It takes guts and an honest look at yourself to write a compelling college essay. And it’s rare for the magic to happen overnight.

From creative brainstorming exercises to perfecting grammar and syntax, our essay experts will provide the support and guidance you need to get the attention you deserve.

You’ll get help crafting an outline for your first draft and then get actionable feedback on two subsequent drafts of the same essay.

How it Works

When you enroll in a Premier Essay Package, your College Coach will ask you which essay prompt you would like to focus on. Based on your prompt, we’ll share an essay brainstorm assignment to help you get started. After completing the essay brainstorm assignment or a draft of your essay, your coach will match you with one of our College Counselors and invite you to schedule your virtual meeting.

During your Essay Brainstorm Session, you’ll receive feedback on your essay idea(s) and build an outline for moving forward. You pick the prompt; we’ll help you identify the winning topic. After the session, you’ll receive two rounds of written edits on your essay.

Get the Details

  • Pre-meeting brainstorming assignment targeted towards one college essay prompt of your choice

  • One-hour, virtual meeting with one of our College Counselors, who has admissions experience at a top college

  • Two rounds of detailed written feedback, including line-by-line editing, by our expert Essay Consultants

  • This program takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks to complete, dependent on the student’s engagement and availability. The program expires 180 days after purchase.

Price: $429 USD

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