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Guilford’s legendarily “accepting culture” arises through the incorporation of a number of core tenets that include “diversity, equality, community, stewardship, etc.” The school is “a place where you can express yourself free from judgment,” and “impacts every aspect of your life and continues to carry you as part of its family even after you graduate.” Students are given the opportunity to make all of their own choices, and the school works at “providing support for those decisions,” and heavily promotes the idea “that doing things the hard way is usually worth it.” The Quaker college is known for being green (to put it mildly), and the administration works to raise “student and individual awareness of the environment and everyday life through education and service learning.” The level of engagement of the students is matched only by the school’s willingness to listen; student involvement is in everything from policy changes to food options, and “can be one person’s efforts or many.” “I know someone who campaigned for getting coffee in the cafeteria’s ice cream selection, and this year we had a trial run that seems to have gone over well,” says a sophomore. Still, a few students do think the administration could let up on “parenting the students.” Professors are able to “create an environment that invites discussion of materials from different perspectives” that “[pushes] and [supports] you at the same time.” The “intensity of academic learning” means that “your absence in a class does not go unnoticed,” unsurprising at a place where teachers are called by their first name (“which is really awesome”). The small scale class sizes “really allow for individual attention and academic growth.” Most classrooms are arranged with the desks in a circle and the classes are “highly interactive”; every class “is filled with questions for the class to answer, even simple questions.”

Student Body

This is one “funky community of diverse people,” all of whom “seem to share some appreciation for the outdoors and nuttier aspects of life.” “Hippies or athletes” covers the majority of the student body (as does “liberal”), and there are many “refreshingly weird individuals” who’ve “taken their time at Guilford as an opportunity to redefine themselves.” “We color outside of the lines in innovative and interesting ways,” says one student. Friend groups tend to be in cliques, but are “still very friendly with other groups”; as one junior puts it, “There’s a lot of varying interests but some wires tend to be the same across the board...like being culturally aware, or fighting against the oppression of minorities.”

Campus Life

Fun at this “socially intriguing” college comes in many forms: walking in the woods, hiking, community service, the local art and music scene. “It’s always felt like more of a village than an institution,” says one student. Relaxation is taken very seriously after a week of hard work (Guilford is “writing heavy” and “the library and its resources are used a great deal”), and “lying down by the lake and playing music or watching movies with friends is almost mandatory.” Bars in Greensboro are also an option, but if students can’t get there “the school does a good job at hosting activities around campus, which can help the slower weekends.” There is admittedly “a lot of weed, but it’s totally fine if you aren’t into smoking or drinking.” People on this “beautiful” campus are very socially and politically aware, and “someone…is always planning protests or creating petitions.” Food options are a sore spot for Guilford students, and “there’s also sometimes an athletic divide.” Students are “really active” in groups and organizations, and there is “lots of talk of oppression, gender issues, and race in the social sciences and humanities.”

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Sheila Siler
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Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Hege Library and Art Gallery
Regan Brown Field House & Physical Education Center & Mary Ragsdale Fitness
Frank Family Science Center
Founders Student Center and the new Grill 155
The Greenleaf Cafe - coffee co-op or Community Center
The Guilford College campus is a beautiful 340 acre campus situated in the western residential area of Greensboro, North Carolina. The college is bordered by woods on one end and easy access to stores on the other.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
International Civil Rights Museum (original Woolworth's lunch counter)
Guilford Courthouse Nat Military Park (highwater mark in Revolutionary War)
Old Salem (restored & working Moravian settlement, shops, crafts)
Greensboro Historical Museum (O. Henry, Dolley Madison, Civil War)
Guilford College Woods (southern beginning of Underground Railroad)
The downtown area of Greensboro is a short five minute drive and includes not only shops, galleries, theaters, restaurants, live music venues, parks, bike trails, sports coliseum, baseball stadium, and other entertainment possibilities, but also five other colleges and universities with which Guilford College has a learning consortium allowing students to take classes at these other campuses. http://www.guilford.edu/campus_community/beyond_campus/

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Academic Year: 8:30am-5pm; 8:30am-12pm; Sat 11am

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Dates: Year-round
Times: MTRF: 9:30, 11:00, 2:00. W: 9:30, 11:0. S: 11.
Average Length: 2 hours

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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The Triad Piedmont International Airport in Greensboro is 5 miles from campus. A shuttle is available at the airport. Amtrak is also located near downtown Greensboro.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-40 or I-85, exit to Holden Road N. Follow Holden Rd. to Friendly Ave., and turn left (west) to the college.


Applicants: 1,865
Acceptance Rate: 91%
Average HS GPA: 3.19



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