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Mega-diverse Hawaii Pacific University is the biggest private university in the Aloha State and "a perfect setting where east and west traditions meet." Students come here from more than 100 countries. There are some 50 undergraduate concentrations available. Marine biology, oceanography, nursing, and travel industry management are all stellar. There's "a strong business program," too. The administration "works extremely hard to make sure student needs are met." "Registering for classes is very easy." "Small classes" allow for plenty of "individualized learning and attention." "Professors are smart, qualified, very enthusiastic about their subjects, and very willing to help the students," says a marketing major. "They try to be as accessible as possible," and they "go out of their way to help you learn."

Student Body

HPU is "a beautiful mix of color and people" and "completely another culture unto itself." "I love the diversity," beams a junior. You'll find "almost every type of person" here. There are "locals" "wannabe surfer types," and "rich kids from" the continental United States. There are "parents and single moms" and various other "older adults who take their work very seriously." The student population at Hawaii Pacific is also "extremely" global. If you want to study in an international environment, this "is the place for you." It's not uncommon to meet someone "who grew up in France, studied abroad in Brazil, traveled throughout Asia, and can fluently speak three languages." "A person can go around the whole world simply by meeting new people from different countries" and students tell us that the rich mosaic of backgrounds "adds a whole other perspective to class discussions" and to campus life in general.

Campus Life

HPU has two campuses. ("The school provides transportation to and from both.") The "gorgeous" and more residential Windward campus is "nestled in the beautiful mountains with lushness and almost no commercialism." "You have the steep green valleys on one side and the clear ocean on the other." The other campus "in the heart of downtown Honolulu" is very convenient. It's mostly "rented classrooms from office buildings," though, and the neighborhood is a little on the sketchy side. Campus life here is "laid-back" and really unique. One reason is because the student population is so epically diverse. "You can hear 10 different conversations in 10 different languages just by walking from one end of campus to the other," swears one student. Another reason is because of the island locale. "School spirit is pretty low," and "the general university feel is lacking because of the lack of a large campus." Who cares, though? Life at HPU is all about "students from around the world learning and having fun in paradise." "Nightlife involves clubs, house parties, or parties on the beaches." The ritzy Waikiki neighborhood and its "hot spot clubs and diners" isn't too far from downtown campus, and "there is always something fun or crazy going on" there. Students also get to bask in "the best weather in the world" on a daily basis. Hiking is very popular. "Getting some rays" or "surfing a swell" at world-class beaches "scattered around the island" is routine.

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Marissa Bratton
Director of Admissions

1 Aloha Tower Drive
Honolulu, HI 96813

(808) 544-0249


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Aloha Tower Marketplace

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Iolani Palace
Bishop Museum

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(808) 544-0249

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taxis, buses, intercampus shuttle, Honolulu International Airport

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Eight miles west of Waikiki

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Contact Office of Admissions or see website: www.hpu.edu/housing


Applicants: 13,353
Acceptance Rate: 87%
Average HS GPA: 3.61



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