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Longwood University offers "small class sizes and one-on-one time with professors" in an "intimate atmosphere" that "gives you the best chance to succeed in your field of choice." A senior says, "If you are looking for a rigorous academic career, you will be challenged with one," and all agree that "Longwood has an excellent education program." A mathematics education major says, "At Longwood, all my professors know me by name and genuinely care about my education," and students feel that "smaller classes help make connections with the professors," which "lead to a comfortable and open learning environment." Professors are "passionate," "qualified, and challenging but provide a positive interaction" and are known to "facilitate discussion rather than just lecture." Students say, "Hands-on experience is very common as part of learning," and students add that professors are "personable, friendly, and eager to teach" in addition to being "easily accessible outside of the classroom." However, a few acknowledge that their "general education" professors were "not so good," but they say "once you get into your major classes…you get to know the teachers better and have a greater experience."

Student Body

At Longwood University "students are happy, polite, and eager to be on campus" as well as "motivated and hardworking." The student body is predominately female, and most say the typical students are "female majors in education" who "spend a lot of time socializing." Students say they "fit in well with others and balance time between school work and extracurricular activities," adding, "A typical student is someone who likes to go and party, but they know when they need to buckle down." Overall, there's a "jeans and hoodie vibe" among students," and students say they are "down-to-earth, focused on their major, and having a wild college experience." It's clear that "social aspects revolve around the Greek life," and a freshman says: "If you're [not in] a sorority or a frat you're pretty much out of luck and out in the cold." However others insist that "anyone can find a place to fit in here at Longwood," and they say, "People who do not want to drink…can go to Lancer Productions events during the weekends." However, it's worth nothing that Farmville is a small town, and "To stay occupied during the weekends, some creativity needs to be employed."

Campus Life

Longwood University is "a small school with friendly people and a wonderful atmosphere." Students say, "The campus is gorgeous throughout the year," and "Longwood is a community with immense history and tradition." A sophomore says, "I chose Longwood University because of the tight-knit community and sense of belonging that you feel as soon as you step on campus," and many agree that "Longwood University is all about student participation" and that the school "does all it can to get the students involved on campus." Students say, "Longwood has so many clubs, organizations, resources, etc." so students can "really try" and "find out who they really are and what they are really passionate about." Most feel that "Longwood University takes pride in setting students up for success by creating a positive campus" and that it's a "beautiful environment [with] good facilities." There are complaints that "the university could communicate better with its students in the area of finances," and most feel "the dining hall could improve."

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Brock Commons
Lankford Student Union
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Greenwood Library
Dorrill Dining Hall
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Area Lakes
Civil War Sites
Downtown Farmville
Longwood Landings

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Campus Tours
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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Free bus service in surrounding community, Greyhound Bus Service, Richmond Airport 1 1/2 hour away

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See web site at http://www.whylongwood.com/comevisit/directions.htm

Local Accommodations
Several motels and Bed and Breakfast Inns in local vincinty. Price range $55.00-$100.00 per night


Applicants: 4,166
Acceptance Rate: 78%
Average HS GPA: 3.39



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