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Prescott College, a small, progressive school, "encourages critical and forward thinking around issues of social justice and sustainability." The school shines in interdisciplinary fields, such as environmental studies, human development and psychology, outdoor adventure education, and arts-based fields such as photography and creative writing. Prescott "is about taking learning out of the classroom," and true to its word, classes, according to the university, "take place in field sites throughout the Southwest, in art galleries, wilderness areas, along the U.S./Mexico border and in local schools, to name a few." Students see their education as "experiential, hands-on, real-world, and self-directed," and consider it to be a "journey, not a destination." Prescott's academic calendar is a unique block and semester system, which is "very effective at immersing students in their studies." Students take only one course for one four-week block before entering a ten-week semester. The quality of teaching "really varies. Some teachers are excellent and experienced and work well with the majority of the student body," and are "engaging and committed to their students." However, many students feel that "visiting" and "adjunct" professors "tend to be not so good." All the freedom at Prescott means that "academics are what you make them," and while some students find Prescott to be "academically stimulating but not very challenging," others think "there are plenty of opportunities for a rigorous academic experience."

Student Body

Prescott's emphasis on individual education, the environment, and sustainability means students are "environmentally and politically conscious" and "committed to their learning and creating a better community." Students are there because "they want to better themselves and have a positive impact on the world at large," and they're "motivated, empowered, and feisty." Additionally, students are very invested in social activism. Prescott's location means it attracts "athletic nerds" and "typical students love spending time outdoors." Yes, you'll probably see a lot of "hippies, hippies, hippies," but many students "wouldn't identify themselves that way." Though the school is predominantly white, students feel the community is "from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds" and that there's "a colorful array of people." As one student put it, the school "is made up of hundreds of different individuals who all bring their unique aspects to classes and social settings." Though students at Prescott tend to lean left, they say "any student fits in here. Everyone talks to everyone."

Campus Life

Prescott's emphasis on outdoor education and its ideal location near 1.4 million acres of National Forest mean that most students "live and play outside." One student says, "The majority of students rock climb, mountain bike, ski, snowboard, surf, raft, kayak, skydive, or ice climb." "If you want to go on an adventure, have no fear, you'll have an accomplice in less than an hour." The laid-back, artsy town of Prescott has a few bars that host "some good live music," which lots of students see whenever possible, though "sometimes you have to go to a larger city for that." Most students at Prescott are communityminded individuals, so it makes sense that one of the most popular social activities is to go to, or host, a potluck. As one student enthuses, "students also love potlucks; cooking is huge here." Others confirm that "potlucks are a huge part of student life," and that "much revolves around food." These gatherings can be "really fun and sometimes is crazy and sometimes really low-key." At potlucks and other gatherings, students "really enjoy each other 's company." Generally, students do "not drink to get drunk, but drink as a part of a great evening out with friends," and most students seem to think people at Prescott "have good heads on their shoulders" and don't indulge in out-of-control partying.

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Campus Visits Contact

Jill Pyatt
Assistant Director of Admissions

Office of Admissions
220 Grove Avenue
Prescott, AZ 86301



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Most Popular Places On Campus
Crossroads Cafe
Crossroads Library
HUB (Helping Understand Bikes)
Sam Hill Visual Arts Building
San Juan Gear Warehouse

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown's Courthouse Square
Prescott National Forest
Thumb Butte
Granite Mountain
Raven Cafe

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Campus Visiting Center
Mon - Fri
8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: 10:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday-Friday
Average Length: 2 hours

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Campus Interviews

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Monday through Friday at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm

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Academic Year

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2 weeks

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The closest major airport is in Phoenix with shuttle planes and buses to Prescott. In town, there are several taxi services. Most places in town are accessible by bike or foot.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From Phoenix, take I-17 North to Route 69 North to Prescott. Once in town, follow Gurley St. west to Grove Ave., turn right. The Admissions Office is at the corner of Grove and Western on the left. Parking is available next to the building. (202 Grove Ave.)

Local Accommodations
Many hotels, motels, and Bed and Breakfast Inns are available in Prescott, many of which are within walking distance of campus. Prices range from $29 and up a night.


Applicants: 186
Acceptance Rate: 98%
Average HS GPA: 3.14



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