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You Got This: Unlock Your Best MCAT Score!

November 29, 2017

The MCAT is one of the longest and toughest tests of your pre-med career. Make sure you’re ready. During this free webinar, our MCAT expert, Doug McLemore, will share tips and strategies for getting your best possible MCAT score.


You may know the famous Reddit AMAs—well, here’s our own “Ask Us Anything” webinar! Lisa McLaughlin (M.Ed.), Director of College Admissions Outreach, fields any and all questions you have about admissions. You bring your top three Qs—we’ll bring a mic. Sixty minutes. Let’s do this.


PSAT Scores – Now What?

December 11, 2017

Let us paint a picture: You’ve got your first real college-related test scores back—and questions, to boot. Like, “What if I don’t like my score?” Or, “My score’s ok—how can I make sure I do better on the SAT and ACT?” And, “What does the PSAT really mean, anyway?”

In this webinar, we discuss what to consider once you have your PSAT score back, and how it fits into the journey to your dream school.


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