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The New York University School of Law brings superior academics and intellectual discourse to a total enrollment of 1,364 students in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. The school's legendary law and business curriculum is buoyed by 15 areas of available study, 10 colloquia (meta-seminars in which small groups of faculty members and students discuss larger ideas), an excellent study abroad program, and 32 centers and institutes (including the Center for Cybersecurity and the Institute for Policy Integrity). NYU Law is "an exceptional organization" where public interest is stressed (and funded) and seamlessly balanced by private law, and "work opportunities are pretty unbeatable for all students." The Office of Career Services and the Public Interest Career Center are "both really awesome resources," and "more than half [of students] take public interest jobs their first summer," according to one student. There are constantly events on important social justice issues, and NYU is also host to the Northeast's biggest public interest job fair. The school has "a diversity of viewpoints" and seminars offer an opportunity "to interact with great legal minds, who have even clerked for Supreme Court justices." The Big Law recruiting opportunities are unmatched given the school's location, there is "an incredible alumni network" to hit up for jobs and advice, and there are "excellent internship and clinical opportunities" as well. First-year classes "are graded on an iron-clad curve," but there is "camaraderie in the face of the necessary and unnecessary suffering wrought by a rigorous legal education."

The "rock star professors" at NYU Law are leaders in their fields and "effectively challenge students to think critically and creatively about complex issues." The level of collegiality is between students and professors is "astounding," and there is "an open and vibrant community discussion at NYU Law about social, political, and student issues," including panels, roundtables, and forums where students and administration/professors can discuss and work on issues. Faculty always have open doors, and "it does not matter if you are not in their class you can always reach out." The administration is also extremely accessible, and "if there is a problem, it isn't surprising to have the opportunity to meet with a high-level administrator to talk it through." They do an excellent job of "creating spaces for students to voice their concerns," and "this sense of mutual respect seeps into the student body itself and creates avenues for productive and meaningful dialogue between students from all different backgrounds." Everyone who works at the law school "makes you feel like they are there to make things easier for you."

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People at NYU Law "are really happy," and there is "a real family atmosphere [where] people are always looking to help each other out." This is "a very social law school," and there are a multitude of activities daily: "If one wanted to, they could spend their entire law school career socializing." There is an "excellent community" here, and "even among the 1Ls, our recognition of each other as individuals always comes before even the thought of competing with each other." NYU Law is an inclusive community and "the minority community/affinity groups have a great reputation and voice on campus."

By virtue of being in New York City, "the number of events that are held at NYU is remarkable." There are "really impressive speakers" who visit the school, and "no matter what your interest is there are opportunities here to engage with others in that field." There is "definitely a strong liberal bias" here, but conservatives and moderate students are treated well. Living on campus your first year will definitely expose you to more social events, but "it's easy to have a social life as a commuter if you put the effort in." Life in New York City is expensive, but the Greenwich Village location is "amazing for its food, parks, architecture, and nightlife."

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