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Meet Your Guru

Introducing your guide suprême through it all—your COUNSELOR is a physician who’s successfully made it through the application process (and medical school, and a residency). Our admissions superhero, this physician has also worked as an admission officer at elite universities and can enlighten you to the nuances of all things medical school—from the most helpful personal anecdote to share in your personal statement, to crafting a secondary application essay that will land you an interview, to sussing out which of your shirts best says “Future Doctor.”

In a time of pressure, you’ll have wide-ranging access to this individual, whose unflagging support starts before you even begin your primary application and continues right up until you’re accepted to your dream school.

Getting Started

We begin with candidacy strengthening in an hour-long phone call: In assessing where you stand as an applicant, we’ll discuss getting your GPA and MCAT score application-ready. This lays the groundwork for subsequent conversations about penning an amazing personal statement and targeted experiences; putting together a list of schools that best match your interests and strengths; and planning your letters of recommendation.

The Review

Three rounds of personal statement review with your counselor give you the tools to tell the story of your candidacy for a career as a medical professional.

An additional three rounds of collaboration with this ultra-knowledgeable writing and admissions expert allow you to select and relate targeted experiences that maintain your brand narrative and stand out in a sea of applicants.

Your counselor will work with you directly to help craft, assess, and polish secondary applications for up to 16 schools.

Let’s Talk

Enjoy professional feedback from an admissions authority who’s also been there—and succeeded!—in medical school interviews. Strategize how to put your best face forward, whether in a traditional one-on-one interview or a multi-person meetup (MMI). Includes access to pro interview materials, one hour of FaceTime prep with your counselor, and post-interview support.

Stay Connected

A year of access to our online portal and our expert resources ensures that you have everything at your fingertips throughout the admissions process. Converse effectively with your counselor and organize all the various moving parts of your medical school application.

Price: $8,700 USD

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