From understanding your PSAT® score to writing the perfect essay on your college applications to decoding the MCAT®, our Video Resource Center will ensure you’re prepared for all of your academic challenges.

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Join our expert, Chris Piane, Regional Director of the NE, as he dispels common myths about the ACT and SAT, highlights the differences between the exams and provides insight to help determine which test is best for you.

Self-Paced Courses

Our self-paced course was created with a busy student like you in mind. Designed by a team of test-prep experts, SAT/ACT Self-Paced Study delivers comprehensive prep and exclusive test-taking strategies. Our new video-based program will keep you entertained as you prep for the SAT/ACT. All your lessons, drills and practice tests are online, ready for you whenever you want!

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Getting ready for college is stressful especially for busy families with limited free time. The Princeton Review makes preparing for the PSAT, SAT or ACT easier with our convenient and flexible Live Online Courses.


PSAT Scores – Now What Webinar for Parents & Students

Join us as Ryan Kiick, SVP of The Princeton Review and Julia Moody from our College Counseling team, review the official College Board PSAT score report and answer questions about National Merit, testing timelines and more!

PSAT Scores - Now What Webinar for Counselors & Educators

Join our PSAT test expert and National Content Director, Jonathan Chiu, as he reviews the October 2016 PSAT Score Report from the College Board, and provides guidance on the best way to counsel students and families.

Understanding Your PSAT Score

Understanding your PSAT score will help you figure out if you should take the SAT, ACT or both. You’ll also gain insights into whether or not you qualify for scholarship dollars!


SAT Scores Back Webinar

Our SAT expert will walk you through our detailed score report, teach you how to read and decipher your results and talk you through your next steps to college acceptance.

New SAT Scores Are Out - Now What?

The first batch of New SAT scores are out! Let our SAT expert help you you best analyze your score and determine your strategy and plan to get the score that will get you into your dream school!

SAT Student Portal

With our Student Portal, you’ll get the edge you need to achieve your best SAT score, by studying when and where you want.

SAT Math: Understanding Volume

Our SAT math expert, John, explains how to find volume. Volume is an essential equation to know when mastering SAT math.


Our expert tutor, John, breaks down SOHCAHTOA so you are one step closer to being a SAT math genius.

SAT Math: Understanding Probability

Stuck on a probability question? Our expert tutor, John, can help you work the tough SAT math problems so you can get the best score possible.

SAT Writing & Language: How to Use Semi-Colons

Having a hard time remembering when and where to use a semi-colon? Our expert tutor, Katie, explains this tough punctuation piece perfectly!


Want to know the secret to a perfect math score on the SAT? Our expert tutor, John, shares important test taking strategies that will boost your score so you can get into your dream college.

New SAT: What You Need to Know

Our SAT expert will give you the low-down on the new test and how you can prepare for the next administration. Understand exactly what you need to know and what real students thought of the exam.


ACT Scores Back Webinar

Our ACT expert will walk you through our detailed score report, teach you how to read and decipher your results and talk you through your next steps to college acceptance.

ACT Student Portal

With the right mix of test taking strategy, educational content, and practice quizzes you’ll be ready for anything the test throws at you! Check out our new ACT student portal and get your best score.

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Live Online Grad Courses

Whether you're taking the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT, we have the prep for you. Skip the commute, the traffic and the hassles. All you need is your favorite chair and an Internet connection for our Live Online courses. Our goal is to maximize your review and prep time.


Self-Paced Courses

You know you have the brains and the determination to beat the MCAT, but what if finding time to prep is an issue? Get the comprehensive prep you need on your schedule with The Princeton Review's MCAT Self-Paced Study. With 508+ hours of self-directed coaching and 13 full-length practice tests, you can prepare whenever and wherever you want.


Twinston Review:

Dying to ask your questions to an admission expert? Daniel and Jonah sat down with SVP/Publisher Rob Franek to talk all things college admissions, financial aid and much more.

Twinston Review Intro

Daniel and Jonah (high school seniors) talk to Rob Franek (SVP Publishing, Princeton Review) about all things COLLEGE. From how to get the best score on the SAT and ACT to how to deal with a bad roommate, the Twinston Review asks all the right questions.

Creating Your College List

How many colleges should you really apply for? Rob Franek tells the Twinston Review the ideal number and how to balance safety, target and reach schools.

How to Perfect Your College Essay

Writing your college essay? The Twinston Review asks Rob what they should write about and more importantly, what they SHOULDN'T write about. Get going on the perfect college essay with these tips.

How to Ace Your College Interview

The interview is the MOST human part of the college application process. Rob Franek tells The Twinston Review the dos and don'ts of interviewing and the one thing you should NEVER say.

Financial Aid FAQs

The Twinston Review asks Rob about the FAFSA and finding and applying to scholarships. Rob tells them how to be FEARLESS throughout the financial aid process.

College Process

Jumpstart Your College Journey

It's never too early to start preparing for college. From great grades to extracurricular activities and leadership roles, there are many ways to start showcasing yourself as the perfect college candidate. Our college expert, Alexis, will dive into important timelines like preparing for the SAT or ACT and applying to college.

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid

Our panel of financial aid experts answer all the tough financial aid questions. Our panel includes: Robert Franek (SVP of Publishing, The Princeton Review), Julia Moody (College Counselor & Financial Aid Specialist, The Princeton Review) and Jodi Okun (Financial Aid Advisor, #CollegeCash Founder & Author). Learn how to apply for financial aid and navigate college costs.

Common Application & College Admissions

You've been planning for this your entire high school career and you don't want to miss a step. Our admissions experts will answer the most frequently asked questions about the college application process and the questions you didn't even know you had! We will take you through each step of applying to college so that you can be confident you will achieve your goals.

High School Juniors: Your College Checklist

Learn everything you need to know to get into your DREAM school. Our college expert, Rob Franek, will walk you through important steps to take to get into the school of your dreams. From your testing timeline to financial aid deadlines, we've got you covered.

Understanding College Ratings & Rankings

Learn how college ratings and rankings are crafted and why they are important. Our college expert, Rob Franek, walks you through why and how The Princeton Review rates and ranks colleges.

graduate school admissions

Unlocking the Secrets of Medical School Admission

Learn what you need to know to have a successful application cycle. Join our Medical School Admission counselor Dr. Anita Pardue for expert advice on how to be the strongest applicant you can be.