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Kyle Flubacker

Tirelessly turning test-prep haters into test-prep heroes!

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Bachelors, Philosophy, Vanderbilt University

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Learning about things we love is fun.

Taking tests, not so much.

But your breaking down these tests into their (YAWN) predictable patterns in order to slam them when the stakes are highest (you might offer a single bead of sweat, just to prove you’re human) and then ride off into the sunset having surpassed your personal goals (be a good friend and don’t smile too big) is, well, the most fun.

This is more than test-prep logic–it’s a process steeped in trust that grows critical thinking and general academic know-how and confidence leaps and bounds. And it’s appropriate for you, whatever your baseline score, score goals, and insecurity about whether you’ve got what it takes to be the kind of person I described a paragraph back.

I never tire of collaborating with a student to discover their unique blend of personality, learning style, and academic aptitudes to drive lightbulb moments with difficult material. I’m eternally convinced that improvement is one fresh insight away, and I put all of my experience and skill to work for that optimism and you. There’s no exaggeration there.

I specialize in the ACT, SAT, and LSAT. My tutoring experience ranges from middle school on through high school, graduate school, and early career, and my students have been accepted to notable universities such as Harvard, The University of Chicago, and Northwestern. I’m also a master trainer in the LSAT, so I help teachers teach others. I run my own photography business; my work has been published in The New Yorker, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Washington Post, and Vox among others. I’m a summa cum laude graduate of Vanderbilt University, where I majored in Philosophy and played varsity baseball.

Enough about me. Prep is about you. Reach out and let’s get started!