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The University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business is “quite the hidden gem.” It has “a great reputation, reasonable tuition cost, and an MBA program that [can] be taken completely online.” It is a non-profit, “affordable, high ranking,” “established and accredited program,”—“a traditional brick and mortar school” that can be easily accessed “mainly via online courses.” Students note that the MBA program “is very strong,” “highly flexible” and “works well for working professionals.” “The low student to teacher ratio” is “very attractive” as is “the low cost of tuition.” And the “small community atmosphere allows openness among fellow students.” In addition, The University of South Dakota offers health services and business analytics specializations. For many, it is “the best value” for an AACSB accredited school with a “healthcare specialization and online program.”

The University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business—which offers an on-campus MBA, an online MBA, and a hybrid MBA—“has a good orientation program to help potential students familiarize themselves with the program,” and makes it easy for undergraduates who were not business majors “to enter the program and complete prerequisites.” “The MBA program managers are very knowledgeable and proactive in helping the students navigate the program,” notes one student.

The program is known for “accessible,” “quality professors” with “rigorous expectations.” “The professors are well versed in the course subject matter and most have a vested interest in their students.” They “strive to incorporate [the] newest practices,” and have “excellent work-related experience.” Students note that professors “do a great job of establishing communication with students” and ensuring “students understand that they will be accountable for the academic workload. There are no free handouts, but most professors are friendly and push students to achieve.” One student notes that the “professors are a bit varied in their schedule availability, timeliness in grading and providing feedback, and effectiveness of their lectures.” But also says that most of his “professors were very engaged in their courses, hosted live lessons, and gave meaningful homework and quizzes.” For some, balancing course work and full-time jobs can be challenging, but the university provides weekly reviews for online MBAs to keep them on track. In addition, the administration makes it “very easy to enroll in classes and accommodate testing situations,” and will go “the extra mile help get you through.”

Overall, students call this program the “best bang for your buck,” and say “the academic experience was outstanding.” One student refers to the MBA program as “[t]he little engine that could.” In other words, “a relatively small program [that] has a staff of professors and a group of students with tremendous work ethic.” He goes on to say, “It was honestly a very difficult program but it shows in their national ranking.” Another student says, “USD’s MBA program is phenomenal. If you’re looking for quality, flexibility, and affordability, then USD is the place to go.”

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