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Biology majors, in a sense, go straight to the heart of things.

They focus on the living world, on everything from microscopic organisms to the human body. They look at all of the elements and questions surrounding life, from questions about reproduction, to the ways in which our physical environment influences the way we grow and develop. Given the nature and scope of Biology, the field is often divided into sub-categories such as molecular biology, which studies the exchange and transfer of chemicals within living organisms, and cell biology, which examines the basic building blocks of living organisms.

Biology majors have at their disposal a vast array of skills and tools that can lead to careers and professions in a wide variety of fields. In addition to being a stepping stone to a career in medicine, Biology majors have the opportunity to explore careers in some of the hottest and most rapidly developing fields such as genetics (think Human Genome Project), biotechnology, and medical research.


  • Calculus

  • Cell biology

  • Evolution

  • General Biology

  • General Chemistry

  • Genetics

  • Microbiology

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Organismal Biology

  • Physics


Immerse yourself as fully as possible in all of the sciences available to you in high school. General biology, physics, and chemistry classes are a good starting point, as is a background in math. Advanced placement courses in any of these subjects will certainly help you build a strong foundation before starting college.