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Described as having both a “great reputation” and a “small-town feeling,” Albion College provides undergraduates with a “rigorous but rewarding” academic experience replete with “huge opportunities.” Students here truly appreciate that Albion works diligently to foster an environment that “encourages questions [and] thinking” all the while aiming to “provide personal attention to each student.” While the college certainly offers a “great liberal arts education,” undergrads are especially quick to highlight the strong science, premed, and business programs. Indeed, students like to boast that Albion “has a very high rate of students being accepted into medical school.” And business majors point to the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management, which allows students to “gain real-world experience” and even the potential to walk away with “a job offer.” Of course, regardless of discipline or department, Albion undergrads are full of praise for their teachers. As one thrilled student eagerly shares, “The professors care about their students’ success and are always there to help.” Importantly, they are “very knowledgeable in their material and try to make sure you learn as much as possible.” Further, they are “easily approachable,” “extremely passionate about their work,” and always “available for discussions.” As one content undergrad sums up, “I would say that the overall experience has been great, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to attend Albion College.”

Student Body

At first glance, Albion College appears to be “a microcosm of upper-class metro-Detroit and Chicago.” Therefore, it’s not surprising that a “slightly right-leaning, white, and Greek-loving [student body seems to be] the norm.” However, those seeking more diversity should fear not! One student assures us, “I have met anarchists and proud communists. There is a mix, but you have to dig for it.” Beyond race and political affiliation, undergrads here find their peers to be “serious about school but also very fun and friendly.” Moreover, they are “bright individuals that want to succeed” and certainly people who “value their education.” They also seem to have “a million interests,” which they vigorously engage through a number of extracurricular activities and programs. As one socially satisfied undergrad sums up, “I think there is a club or niche here where everyone can find a group of people they fit in with. I truthfully would feel comfortable sitting down at a table with any one of my classmates in the cafeteria and having lunch with them.”

Campus Life

While Albion students are often quite “studious” during the week, once the weekend rolls around they certainly know how to get “crazy [and] exciting.” Fortunately, there “is almost always something going on on campus.” Indeed, the “Union Board plans lots of free activities, concerts, comedians, etc.” Moreover, those interested in the party scene will be delighted to discover that fraternities and sororities are very popular at Albion. As one thrilled undergrad notes, “Greek life is fantastic. It really is the cornerstone of our campus. Every weekend there is a party or something going on at the fraternities. Whether you are into drinking or not, the guys there know how to have a good time.” While students bemoan the fact that “there’s not much to do in the city of Albion,” they do take solace in finding other off campus options. As another satisfied student reveals, “Bigger cities like Jackson and Battle Creek are only a 15or 20-minute drive away, so if you’re looking for a day at a mall, that’s always an option. Plus, the college sponsors buses and vans to take students to places like Ann Arbor or Lansing. Generally you can find something to do.”

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Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Kellogg Center- Student Center
Dow Recreation Center- Athletic Facility
Quad- Lawn in the center of campus
Baldwin- Dining Hall
Science Center Atrium
Albion is lauded for the amount of student space available. Whether it's lounge areas, computer classrooms, meeting spaces, or the myriad of rooms in the Kellogg Center, Albion students find many areas to congregate socially and academically. The Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center opened at Albion College in 2004, quickly becoming a home to every Albion College student interested in horses or riding. We offer something for everyone, from beginners to experienced competitors. The Dow Recreation and Wellness Center is devoted to educational and recreational purposes including individual and group sports activities, physical conditioning, and health and wellness programs. It boasts indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a swimming pool, fitness center and a state of the art weight room.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Albion Malleable Brewing Company
Foundry Bakehouse & Deli
Superior Street Mercantile
Sterling Books & Brew
Yellowbird Chocolate Shop
Kalamazoo River 17 parks covering 90 acres Albion River Trail

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Campus Tours
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Detroit, MI, about 1 hour from campus. Van and limousine services, rental cars are available from airport to campus.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From Detroit and points east, take I-94 to exit 124. Turn right at the end of the ramp. Follow business I-94. The college is 3 miles ahead on the left. From Kalamazoo and points west, take I-94 to exit 121. Turn right at the end of the ramp. Follow business I-94 to Michigan Avenue, turn left at the light. The college is 1 mile ahead on the right.

Local Accommodations
The Courtyard Marriott is the centerpiece of downtown Albion?s renaissance. You?ll be minutes away from our campus, and enjoy all the benefits of our bustling downtown ? from bars and restaurants to shows at the Bohm Theatre. 517-629-8520


Applicants: 6,827
Acceptance Rate: 67%
Average HS GPA: 3.47



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