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Albright College provides undergraduates with a "close-knit" community that's "full of diversity and passion." Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, Albright "prides itself on giving students a well-rounded education no matter [their] major." Students note that this liberal arts college maintains an especially "strong arts and theater program and a prestigious pre-professional…sciences program." Small classes are the norm at Albright: It's "rare that a class exceeds 30 students." "Internship and study abroad opportunities" abound, as well. Undergrads happily report that their professors are "extremely passionate about what they teach." And it's obvious that they truly "care about their students." As one undergrad explains, "If the students are proactive in reaching out to them, [our professors] are often really understanding when you have problems, be them school, work, or life related." Once the semester is over, Albright professors "have the potential to become great resources for references and scholastic colleagues."

Student Body

Campus life at Albright College is full of plenty of extracurricular options and opportunities for fun distractions. The college hosts numerous events such as "choir concerts, environmental talks, guest speakers and…art gallery openings." There are also "monthly bingo sessions" as well as "free sporting events such as baseball games and hockey games for major league…and minor league teams." And one happy student describes, "Once or twice a week our activities counsel offers events like comedians, magicians and musicians." For more informal gatherings, "there is the fitness center, a game room, and several open spaces on campus where students and their friends can meet and do other activities." A number of undergrads are also "involved in Greek life." While there is a party scene to be found, we're told that most parties are "typically [held] off campus as public safety and residential life are strict about alcohol in the dorms." When students want a break from campus life, they can easily "check…out the restaurants in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania" or head to the "big arena nearby that…often brings in big names for concerts and shows."

Campus Life

Students share that the Albright College student body is "welcoming," "engaged." and "creative." When it comes to diversity, some students assert that the "majority [of their peers are] white." Others insist that you'll "find most races and ethnicities here, as well as a diverse range of sexuality and gender identities." What's more, Albright undergrads come from "all walks of life, all levels of economic status, and [possess] a variety of different political and social views." There's even "a large amount of international students including [individuals] from China, Japan, Haiti, Ireland, and many more!" Above all, the undergrads say that "the student body is full of friendly faces," and many here are "extremely kind and will go out of their way to help you." A current student illustrates: "When a visitor looks confused or lost someone will walk up to them and offer help and guidance; if someone is struggling with their hands full or looks upset or hurt most students would be willing to stop and offer a helping hand or a listening ear." Another Albright student concludes: "It is nice to walk across campus and feel like you're at home."

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