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“Located in the heart of super-friendly and considerate Middle America,” Ashland University hosts “an odd mixture of academic diehards and stereotypical party enthusiasts, which means that there is something for everyone.” A small university with ties to the Brethren Church, AU “provides individual attention to each and every student while also offering the college experience, an abundance of great majors, a liberal arts education, personal growth, and future success.” The education program “is what Ashland is known for,” but the school also excels in history, political science, chemistry, and business; the last of these “is getting to be very advanced, and the finance program at Ashland is one of the only schools of finance that allow students to manage a real portfolio inside a class where they also prepare you for the Series 7 test.” Students also laud the Spanish department (that “greatly supports study abroad”) and the small but effective criminal justice program. As at many small schools, students complain that “Classes also need to be offered on a more regular basis.” “Every semester I have to pray that the classes I need to graduate will actually be offered,” says one student. “Too often major classes are only offered ‘in the spring of even years’ or ‘every other fall.’ Classes here are like trains. If you don’t catch them when they come around, you’re screwed.”

Student Body

The typical student at Ashland “is probably a party enthusiast, interested in Greek life and somewhat dedicated to their schoolwork.” That said, there is “a huge range of students and student interests on campus, from Greek life to theatre to community service to international students to diehard political and philosophical fans and religious conservatives. Each group manages to find people with similar interests, so no one group is alienated.” The school’s church affiliation attracts a lot of “conservative Christians with a strong family background,” including more than a few “of the bible thumping variety.” Students here not that because “the typical Ashland student grew up either in Ohio or very close by…our student body is relatively homogenous” racially, but “That being said there is a bit of diversity and a particularly large group of Asian students.”

Campus Life

Students largely concur that “There is really not a lot to do in Ashland,” that “there is only one bar here and Wal-Mart is just about the only place to shop,” and that “in order to find even a decent restaurant you have to drive 30 minutes.” Many further complain that “Since [Ashland] is a dry campus, it is difficult to have a normal college experience.” Not surprisingly, “Most people go home on the weekends.” And yet, a vocal minority here assures us that “There are numerous groups onand off-campus to be a part of and almost any student can find a fraternity or sorority that would suit them. Greek life alone offers plenty of social opportunities. If partying is what you are looking for, Ashland may not be your best bet due to the strictly enforced alcohol and visitation policies, but if you do like to party you will not have a problem find places off campus. There are many house parties and bars located near campus [where] you will find a lot of AU students.” Students also brag about AU’s rec center, where they can enjoy “everything from kickboxing classes to intramurals to club sports” or “swim, climb the rock wall, or just hang out.” One student notes that the school has “almost 20 club sports that the majority of students participate in and become very serious about.”

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Tami Workman
Coordinator of Campus Visits

Office of Admissions
401 College Ave
Ashland, OH 44805



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Most Popular Places On Campus
Dwight Schar College of Education
Kettering Science Center
Richard E. and Sandra J. Dauch College of Business and Economics
John C. Myers Convocation Center
Dwight Schar Athletic Complex

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Ashland
Mohican State Park
Richland Mall
Amish Country
Snow trails and ski areas
Cedar Point Amusement Park Cleveland Indians, Browns, Cavaliers Columbus Crew, Blue Jackets

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Campus Visiting Center
Monday through Friday
8am to 5 pm

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm
Average Length: Varies

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Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Cleveland (CLE), Columbus (CMH) and Akron-Canton (CAK) Airports are equal distances from Ashland University.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the north or south on I-71: Take exit #186, route 250, Ashland. Turn left on route 250. Do not take the route 250 bypass, continue straight into Ashland. This will be Main Street. Begin counting traffic lights after passing Bob Evans Restaurant. At the seventh traffic light (including the flashing light), turn left on to Claremont Avenue. Proceed to the second traffic light and make a hard left on College Avenue. Visitor parking is available on your left in Lot D. From the Ohio Turnpike: Take gate 7, route 250 and travel south on route 250 approximately 37 miles to Ashland. Do not take the route 250 Bypass, continue Straight into Ashland. This will be Cottage Street. As you approach the third traffic light, be sure to stay in the center lane. When you cross Main Street, you will now be on Claremont Avenue. Proceed to the second traffic light and make a hard left on College Avenue. At the next traffic light, turn right on Grant Street. Park in the lot on the left. From the west on Route 30: Take route 30 east to route 42 north to Ashland. Exit at Claremont Avenue. Continue on Claremont Avenue to the fourth traffic light. Turn right on College Avenue. At the next traffic light, turn right on Grant Street. Park in the lot on the left. From the east on route 30 or route 250: When Routes 30 and 250 split, take 250 west to Ashland. When approaching Ashland, do not take the route 250 Bypass; continue Straight into Ashland. Begin counting traffic lights after passing the Bob Evans restaurant. At the seventh traffic light (including flashing light), turn left on Claremont Avenue. Proceed to the second traffic light and make a hard elft on College Avenue. At the next traffic light, turn right on Grant Street. Park in the lot on the left.


Applicants: 4,480
Acceptance Rate: 69%



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