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Founded in the tradition of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Utah’s Brigham Young University has long held a reputation for quality academics and alumni that go on to great things. It has also provided “a spiritual side to our education in addition to all the secular knowledge,” which is useful to those of its attendees who are religious: “Some of my best classes here have been ones where the professor ties the subject to religion or God.” The school “has clear guidelines and expectations as to the conduct of its students,” and, with almost 200 majors to choose from, does “a great job at helping students find their passions and [making] them successful in their careers.” The school also embraces innovation and technology to the fullest, supporting students with “virtual spaces where we can interact with TAs and get help.”

Within the classroom, student highlight their professors as encouraging, both through the material they hand out—“assignments that enhance my learning instead of just busy work—and in the way they help students “to push themselves and to take advantage of the many internships and research that the school provides.” They’re also a fan of the approach some teachers take toward “final projects, both in groups and individually, rather than exams” and appreciate that they “consistently looked for feedback from the students throughout the semester to make sure that the class topics were tailored to what the students were interested in.” Overall, there are “incredible opportunities to succeed,” whether that’s from the “guest lecturers from all walks of life” that BYU brings in or the frequent “field trips to places in the area relevant to the subject material,” research and study abroad opportunities, and outlets “to display your work throughout campus.”

Student Body

While many at BYU are a part of the LDS church, “you can still meet a pretty broad sampling of people from within that group,” and students are said to maintain a “broad worldview and are interested in learning more about other people’s experiences and supporting them in their journeys.” It helps that the school has made “diligent efforts” to diversity and bring in “a large international population,” such that there is “great diversity regarding culture, political orientation, and extracurricular interests.” There is “a good mix of people who like to constantly socialize and also are diligent and serious studying,” and “a strong community of service and people who care about one another.” This highachieving group “expect a lot (sometimes too much) of themselves and at times others,” but all remain “very kind and considerate” overall, and “for the most part, we are a rulefollowing community.”

Campus Life

Students suggest that coursework is rigorous and that “most time at BYU is filled by academic studies,” but also note that there are “a million different ways to be involved on campus with clubs and events,” including “a ‘Cougar skate’ activity once or twice a month where people can come roller skating” and country swing, which is “a popular activity year round.” Just don’t expect “a big drinking or partying culture”; look instead to the highly attended “state-wide affair” of sports and note the school’s Provo location, which leads to “a big culture of hiking, climbing, camping, and boating in the mountains” or just visits to the “so many national parks nearby.” Those looking for more careeror service-related opportunities will find that “church activities are always happening” that give students opportunities to pitch in, and the BYU Student-Alumni program, a huge driver for networking, puts on events each year, “including an etiquette dinner, a food drive, [and] a traditions ball to celebrate the history of the school.” There’s even an annual “summit retreat featuring TED-talk-style presenters.”

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Campus Visits Contact

Jim Kasen
Director - University Relations

Brigham Young University
212 Hinckley Center
Provo, UT 84602

(801) 422-5788


Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
The Museum of Art
Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni & Visitors Cen
Harold B. Lee Library
Wilkinson Student Center
Some of the popular places on campus are the HFAC theatres and music halls, the Creamery on 9th, and the Marriott Center (where weekly devotionals and forums as well as sports events are held). Campus highlights also include BYU's new Student Athlete Building houses the impressive Legacy Hall (BYU sports Hall of Fame) and the popular Legends Grille, the very large (athletic teams')Indoor Practice Facility is completed, the newly remodeled Brimhall Building is housing the Communications Department, and the new Joseph F. Smith Building (which replaced the Smith Family Living Center) has been completed and now houses the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Sundance Ski Resort
Mt. Timpanogus
Provo City Library (formerly Brigham Young Academy
Seven Peaks Resort Water Park
Y Mountain
Very popular places off campus include Dawgs, Muse Music, Comedy Sports, and Movies 8 (a dollar theater). Popular restaurants close to campus include Cafe Rio, the Brick Oven and the BYU Creamery. The Creamery's homeade ice cream is a must. We recommend taking some time to walk around the nearby Provo Temple and along Provo's Center Street where there are a number of interesting buildings (including the original BY Academy building restored and now serving as the Provo City Library), shops and restaurants. For nature lovers, the mountain range, river and canyons above Provo and the reservoir 30 miles east near beautiful Heber Valley will prove very inviting and satisfying.

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
(801) 422-5788

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Monday - Friday; 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Average Length: 1 hour

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Salt Lake City International Airport is about 45 miles north of campus. Either prior to or upon your arrival at the airport, arrangements for transportation to Provo can be made for taxis, Key Limousines, Utah Transit Authority service (bus and rail system) and rental cars. In addition, both Salt Lake and Provo have a Greyhound bus station and an Amtrax train station.

Driving Instructions to Campus
Coming from the north (heading south) on I-15, take Exit 272 and continue east on University Parkway (Utah Rte. 265/12th South Street) to University Avenue (U.S. 189) in Provo. Enter campus from there either by continuing to the east for two more blocks and turning right at the Marriott Center or by turning right onto University Avenue for one block before turning left (east) and entering campus on 1230 North (Bulldog Avenue becomes Campus Drive once you're on the hill), at which point you'll be on campus near the Administration Building. If you are coming from the south on I-15, take Exit 266 and head north on University Avenue (U.S. 189) to 1230 North (Bulldog Avenue), turn right (east) and enter campus on the hill near the Administration Building.

Local Accommodations
Provo offers a number of accommodations in close proximity to BYU's campus and other local attractions. Some of the budget hotels located close to campus include: Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Marriott's Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn. Also located within a few miles of campus are a Best Western Cotton Tree Inn, the Provo Marriott Hotel/Conference Center and the Hines Mansion.


Applicants: 10,559
Acceptance Rate: 67%
Average HS GPA: 3.90



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