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Chestnut Hill College "is a place where everyone is your neighbor and your family." "The campus is small," which provides "a small family-like atmosphere that makes you feel like more than a number." Located close to Philadelphia, students love the "beautiful" architecture of Chestnut Hill, which is "like living at Hogwarts," the fictional wizard school of Harry Potter fame. "I was drawn in by the size of the school," explained one Mathematics student. "Coming from a very small high school, I wanted to continue on with a school that could afford me small classes with individualized attention from professors." "It's small, cozy and very friendly, and I'm always taught by incredible professors instead of grad students," says another. However, students do note that "this school's emphasis is mostly on sports," and one student notes that "athletes can get away with poor grades or behavior," and social life "is very clique-oriented." As a small campus, there are "limited resources, [which] can't really be avoided," and "buildings need to be updated and improved." However, the small size does mean that professors "not only know their students' names, but they know each student as a person and actually take an interest in them." "The general professor population is very friendly and helpful," and professors work hard to "make learning something to Tweet about!"

Student Body

Chestnut Hill College is "an open and friendly campus welcoming all diversity" that has "everyone from student athletes, musicians, students interested in theater, and adult learners." "The majority of students hail from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland" and are "nice, funny, [and] white-bread." "Everybody's diverse in both age and race, but, I would say many of the students are very intelligent and serious yet just comfortable enough in gaining their education." While students "come from all walks of life," most are "here for a sport" and "fit in great with their sport team." "There is an obvious separation attitude with regards to "cliques." Jocks tend to stay with jocks, nerds with nerds, etc.," one student explains. "Though it is easy enough to fit in with any crowd, [because] most are friendly and fun."

Campus Life

As a small suburban campus, Chestnut Hill is a "pretty quiet" place where "weekends can get boring," and "you make your own fun." "A lot of students complain about how there is nothing to do on campus, which it honestly feels that way sometimes." "It's a dry campus with an annoying guest and sign-in policy," and "the town it's in is expensive" and "filled with yuppies." Many students "try to be off of campus as much as [they] can," which they can do because the school is "close to Philadelphia," and students often "go to bigger colleges to hang out." Other students feel there are "many activities going on all the time," such as sporting events, which are a "huge deal," and "musical performance [with] local bands." "The one thing that I would change about this school is the dining service," many students note. "The food isn't very good here." Overall life is "fast-paced, but low key."

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Chestnut Hill College
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Most Popular Places On Campus
McCaffrey Lounge and Snack Bar
Fitness center
Griffin's Den (casual meals)
Fitzsimmons Hall (residence hall)
Rotunda of Saint Joseph Hall (five floors)
SugarLoaf Hill, a 32-acre recent addition to campus, provides more space each year for campus activites.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Historical Area of Philadelphia
Morris Arboretum
Penn's Landing/South Street
Shops of Chestnut Hill and Plymouth Meeting Mall
Chestnut Hill College is located in a suburban setting one half-hour from the center of Philadelphia, where the cultural, historical, social, and commercial life of a major metropolis can be enjoyed.

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Campus Tours
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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Closest airport is the Philadelphia International Airport. Chestnut Hill College is also accessible by train. Both the Chestnut Hill East (R7) and the Chestnut Hill West (R8) Lines serve Chestnut Hill from Center City and 30th Street Station. Chestnut Hill East (R7) also provides service from Trenton, N.J., and Northeast Philadelphia. The surrounding area is served by many taxis. Septa bus from Philadelphia to Plymouth Meeting stops directly in front of campus.

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Applicants: 1,697
Acceptance Rate: 97%
Average HS GPA: 3.12



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