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Temple University, Philadelphia’s largest university, is constantly growing, and not just in size. Currently, the nearly 30,000 undergraduates have more than 150 majors to choose from. But the school is also “constantly improving and upgrading its resources,” which means that students always have access to something new, most recently a library that features “one of the world’s first robot book fetchers.” It also means that “career opportunities are plentiful and are available for all students” or as another respondent puts it, “Attending such a large school allows limitless internship, scholarship, academic, and social opportunities.” There’s even a nod to how the “Gen Ed courses are a great help to discover your interests.” The university as a whole “is very well-rounded, and you are going to receive a really good education no matter what major you choose.”

Such achievements wouldn’t be nearly as effective if not for the faculty, and accordingly, professors are praised as being “extremely accessible,” “highly skilled at relaying information and teaching,” and providing “many opportunities outside of the classroom for students.” It’s not just about relaying information as it is about facilitating interactions and collaborations. Professors “genuinely care about how well you learn the material and try as hard as they can to get you as excited to learn as they are to teach,” which is why classes involve “lots of discussion-based lectures and ways of challenging students to think outside the box.” You’re never alone at Temple either: “For example, for Calculus help I could go to the tutoring center, the student success center, MCC (Mathematics Counseling Center), or I could attend PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) sessions offered for group tutoring before the exam.”

Student Body

This is “a very likable campus” where everyone “respects everyone and who they choose to be and they celebrate it.” Many at Temple are “engaged in public service” and the school “has amazing diversity, which is what Temple strives to have and support.” A lot of students here “are commuters and spend their days in class or at the library/tech center,” while many others “either live on campus or off campus close by in an apartment and work when not in class.” There are also “lots of international students from many different countries.” Students here “have their lives together…but also know how to have a good time.”

Campus Life

The Temple campus is described as “a major highlight,” one that “sits right in Philadelphia but maintains a distinct campus-like feel.” Students rejoice in the freedom this offers: “Living in a city allows people largely to exist as they wish,” which means students don’t have to choose between “just their academic life or their partying life” and “are not confined to campus and can venture out into the major city.” That said, those who choose to remain local will find “plenty of clubs and organizations to join as well as Greek life organizations,” and “people enjoy going to sports games either for Temple teams or Philadelphia teams.” Physical activities in particular are referenced by undergrads, with attention called to the campus’s three gyms, and a “recreation center open on Wednesday and Friday nights for net sports.”

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