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“Keeping education in its purest form alive and well in the heart of the Northwest,” The Evergreen State College offers “a unique approach” to academics. The school provides an “interactive environment—with a diverse, enriching learning method,” which allows students “to focus on [their] passions and explore them in detail.” Everyone creates their own educational paths and directs the pace of their own learning. As a few students say admiringly, “I feel a sense of freedom with the academics at Evergreen.” “I have more power as a student.” Greatly appreciated is the flexibility found within the curriculum. “I was excited about building my own major.” “No self-motivated student will leave Evergreen unsatisfied.” Students work collaboratively here and support one another in their endeavors. “It’s not about grades or competition; it’s about self-improvement and personal fulfillment.” Evaluations are used to view student progress, with “interdisciplinary education over declared majors” being the focus. “Your classes are all interconnected, so it’s easy to link what you’re doing into a defined path.” “My transcript says more about me than A’s, B’s, and C’s possibly could.” “The philosophy...definitely lowers the stress I experience around academics.” Professors assist students in innumerable ways and are “very intimately involved in the education of their students.” “At Evergreen, in order to have a great experience, you need to be able to talk to your professors and engage with them.” “I have not met a professor yet who was not willing to rework their mode of teaching to better serve the class.” The educational atmosphere is highly interactive. Almost every student “actively engages the material with field work, undergraduate research, and extended trips.” “Class time is spent doing workshops, seminars, or a led discussion where everyone participates.” “Even the science programs involve large portions of discussion and peer collaboration.” As one undergraduate describes slyly, “My professors have been A++, if Evergreen assigned grades.”

Student Body

The “kindness and awareness of the community” is frequently said by students to be one of the most valued aspects of their experience here. “Articulate” and “inquisitive” undergraduates are evident in large numbers. “Students tend to be very politically aware and active with very liberal points of view” and are “mostly peaceful relaxed people” amidst an “openminded social environment.” The dorms are divided into different themes, and “the residential staff is professional and keeps the housing community functioning and safe.” “The campus police are pretty awesome people,” as well. Evergreen is respected by students throughout the college for its “forward-thinking” administration and faculty, with a “dedication to sustainability” being clearly evident around the campus.

Campus Life

Evergreen has a “booming extracurricular life”; students enjoy the “thriving local art and music scene, very hip and fresh,” in Olympia as well as easily accessible Seattle or Portland. “The Flaming Eggplant, the student-run cafe, is simply the cheapest and most delicious place on the planet,” as well as a very popular hangout. The Student Activities office has no shortage of options for undergraduates here, with “more than 50 different clubs and student groups.” Physical activity is popular, and the recreational center has racquetball, a pool, a rock-climbing wall, and various places to exercise. There is “no shortage of local hiking, backpacking, and biking opportunities.” “Hikes in the woods, down to the beach, or up to the bluff are very common as well as late-night stargazing.” The physical surroundings are viewed with much admiration at Evergreen. “Our campus is set back in this magical forest with these winding paths down to the beach. There are tree forts, giant sculptures, dream catchers in the trees, hidden drum circles, and music everywhere.” As one student describes fondly, “To me, it is reminiscent of Thoreau’s solitude in nature.”

Contact & Visit

Campus Visits Contact

Spencer Gehner
Student Visitor Program Coordinator

Office of Admissions
2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW
Olympia, WA 98505

(360) 867-6170


Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
College Activities Building
Student Equity & Arts Lounge
Organic Farm
The Flaming Eggplant-Student run cafe
Evergreen beach and woods

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Olympia Food Co-op
Burial Grounds
New Moon Cooperative Cafe
Skep and Skein Tavern
Le Voyeur Cafe

Campus Tours

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
Average Length: 2 hours

On Campus Interview

Campus Interviews

Information Sessions

Year-round, varies

Faculty and Coach Visits

Dates/Times Available

Contact Coach Directly

Advance Notice
3 weeks

Contact Email Address for Visit
Contact coach directly

Class Visits

Dates/Times Available
Academic Year

Contact Admissions Office

Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays

Contact Admissions Office


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is approximately 1 hour from Olympia. Bus and shuttle service is available for the trip from airport to campus. For shuttle service, contact Capital Aeroporter 1-800-962-3579 or www.capair.com.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From north or south: Take Interstate 5 to Olympia. Turn onto Highway 101 at Exit 104. Go west on 101 North for three miles. Take The Evergreen State College exit. Go two miles north on the Evergreen Parkway to the main campus entrance (at the roundabout).

Local Accommodations
The Student Visitor Program offers you a hosted overnight stay in our freshman-style housing. We provide a bed and all linens; you are responsible for toiletries and some meals. You will be housed in a room with up to three other people, and you will share the same bathroom. A student host will take you around the campus in the evening and even treat you to a meal in the Greenery. To make arrangements please contact the Office of Admissions at 360-867-6172.


Applicants: 1,037
Acceptance Rate: 98%
Average HS GPA: 3.05



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