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Lebanon Valley College offers a "well-rounded liberal arts education" in "a close-knit educational environment." Students say, "LVC is a challenging school" that "strives to provide an excellent education and college experience for its students." Lebanon is known for its "amazing science department" and for offering students "the opportunity to get individualized attention from all professors." A junior says, "LVC is all about offering a challenging and rewarding degree program to students up to the challenge," and another student agrees: LVC offers an "opportunity to study with some of the best professors and fellow students in an intimate environment." Professors are considered "interesting and very easily accessible," and students say they "receive personal attention" and "great support from all faculty members." An English major says, "I love having the opportunity to closely work with a professor who knows your name, interests, and abilities," and students tell us that bad professors are "few and far between."

Student Body

At Lebanon Valley College "about half the student population is athletes, and the other half is music and art majors," and "A typical student is friendly and outgoing." Students describe themselves as "dedicated to their school work but also involved in many other activities," and they say "We have a great diversity in our students' personalities hobbies and backgrounds." A freshman says, "Despite the fact that the school isn't very racially diverse, it's certainly a school where you can grasp a sense of appreciation for diversity." Another student adds: "The atmosphere is generally very accepting despite a moderately conservative student population." Students "hang out or party with friends," but they say "If you're looking to constantly party, this school may not be your best choice, though there is an active social life should you seek it out." A communications major says, "The party circuit exists, but it's not like you walk around the corner and smack into one; you have to know where to go," but most agree that "while there are ‘popular' and ‘unpopular' students, generally no one is an ‘outcast.'"

Campus Life

Lebanon Valley College has a "friendly, beautiful campus community" that offers a "welcoming atmosphere" and a plentitude of "opportunities both in and outside the classroom." Students say, "LVC is a supportive family that is willing to help its students with whatever they may need," and many agree "There is a good support staff available, and the college is rich with resources." A senior says, "It's a small school that has many options. It has great activities and clubs on campus, [and] the facilities are nice." Many students "are involved in the wide variety of clubs available on campus or [as] members of a sports team," but some point out that "you will find a variety of clubs and organizations, but there are obviously not as many as in a big school." Regardless, students feel "Lebanon Valley merges academics with activities…there is ALWAYS something to do," and "The atmosphere is relaxed, and the campus is safe." There are complaints that "the student population is growing, and unfortunately the campus needs to be renovated and expanded," and everyone agrees that "the cafeteria is lacking," because "the food is not the greatest."

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Campus Visits Contact

Tami Morgan

Office of Admission
101 North College Avenue
Annville, PA 17003-0501



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Most Popular Places On Campus
Peace Garden
Jeanne and Edward H. Arnold Health Professions Pavilion
Center for Student Engagement
Office of Intercultural Affairs & Inclusive Programming
LVC Sports Center
In the past three years, LVC has made dramatic academic, athletic, and social improvements, including a $3 million residence hall revitalization, new Shankroff Tennis Center, $1.5 million revitalization of the Vernon and Doris Bishop Library; refurbishment of Frederic K. Miller Chapel; $20+ million Jeanne and Edward H. Arnold Health Professions Pavilion; and historic renovation of the College?s admission center.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Hersheypark and Hershey attractions
Hershey, Allen, Fulton, and other theaters
Numerous hiking and biking trails, Appalachian Trail access
Minor league professional baseball, ice hockey and soccer
Spooky Nook Sports
Numerous internship and employment opportunities, student-faculty research, cultural events, and other activities are available on campus and within the surrounding communities. Student-run academic programs, such as the Compassionate Undenied Rehabilitation Experience (C.U.R.E.) Physical Therapy Clinic, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program, and national VALE Media Industries Conference enable students to gain hands-on experience and become leaders.

Campus Tours

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm
Average Length: 1 hour

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Campus Interviews

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daily and some Saturdays

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Academic Year

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1 week

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Academic Year

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Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays


specific overnight options are offered to accepted students in the spring


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Harrisburg International Airport is located 30 minutes from the campus. A limousine service to JKF, Newark, Dulles, and BWI is available in Lebanon, which is 10 minutes from the campus. Buses and trains to all major cities on the east coast depart from Harrisburg and Lancaster. Both cities are 30 minutes from the college. Bus lines run past campus en route to Harrisburg.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From Allentown: Route 22 west and or I-78 west, I-81 south to Indiantown Gap exit exit (Route 934 south); 6 miles to Annville. From Baltimore: I-83 north to Harrisburg; follow signs to Hershey, Route 322 east to Route 422 east6 through Hershey to Annville From Harriburg: Follow signs to Hershey, Route 322 east to Route 422 east through Hershey to Annville. From Lancaster: Route 72 north through East Petersburg and Manheim; Route 322 west to Route 934 north into Annville. From New York City: I-80 west or I-78 (Route22) west to I-81 south to Annville exit; Route 934 south into Annville. From Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Turnpike west to exit 20; Route 72 north to Route 322 west to Route 934 north into Annville. From Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania Turnpike east to exit 20; Route 72 north to Route 322 west to Route 934 north into Annville. From Reading: Route 422 west through Lebanon into Annville OR Pennsylvania Turnpike west to exit 20, Route 72 north to Route 322 to Route 934 north into Annville. From York: I-83 north to Route 322 east, follow Route 422 East into Annville.

Local Accommodations
The Patriot House (717-685-1375, 717-919-0491), Inn 422-BandB (717-274-3651), Hershey Lodge (717-533-3311), Latern Lodge (717-866-6536), Hampton Inn and Suite (717-533-8400), Best Western Inn, Hershey (717-533-5665), Quality Inn of Lebanon (717-273-6771).


Applicants: 3,128
Acceptance Rate: 77%
Average HS GPA: 3.79



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