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Starting from humble beginnings as a one-room accounting school in 1906, Pace University has since grown tremendously. The institution is now comprised of six schools and colleges spread across three campuses in New York City and Westchester County and serves more than 8,700 undergraduates. The unique Pace Path curriculum leans heavily on experiential learning, and the school has one of the largest career experience programs in the New York City metropolitan area, placing around 8,000 students in internships, co-ops, field positions, and clinicals each year. "It is the best place to really amp up your career before you even get into it," says a student. Faculty members "host meet and greets for their respective departments and events with guest speakers from different companies or speakers for relative topics," and there are plenty of "opportunities to network and expand our careers through the resources [Pace] gives us."

Instead of "just lecturing," students explain that professors "grab the students' attention" by "open[ing] the floor to students." They "use a pleasant blend of lecture with anecdotal tales that help [students] get accustomed to the conceptual side of the material," and the majority "are professionals in the field or greatly knowledgeable about it," so much so that "even in the most mundane classes, I still learn something new." There are "great options for classes that can cater one's schedule to any days and times they'd like," and innovative teaching mechanisms such as "a reverse classroom where you take notes and read for homework and then do examples in class." The university also "utilizes technology to their advantage when lecturing students," which allows for advanced learning and understanding of topics." The university itself "listens to what the students want and try their best to fulfill it in the best way possible," and is "always looking for ways to improve our experience here at Pace."

Student Body

In this "very open community that is also accepting of everyone," students "are very creative and expressive" and the wide variety of schools means "there are individuals with different talents and interests, which is great for collaborations and interactions." Lest you think it's difficult to make connections because there are so many students-"I see a new face almost every day," says one undergrad-know that the First Year Interest Group is there for you. This program, which groups first-years by commonalities, leads us to believe that "It is especially easy for freshmen to make friends." There is "a large LGBTQ+ community and every single student is supportive of it," and "there is always positive energy radiating." Most of the students "are very liberal and they like to create a safe environment for everyone there."

Campus Life

Perks like "Starbucks included on the meal plan [and] flex dollars for local restaurants" are huge boons of urban life at Pace. New York City, where "you cannot get bored," obviously plays a big role in student activities, especially when Pace provides "tickets to awesome events around NYC, like the late night shows," as well as shuttles that help make it even easier to have a night out on the town. And while "most of the fun is outside of college," Pace itself doesn't skimp out on its own "campus events like therapy dogs and wellness week," "pumpkin smash in the fall and bubble soccer games in the spring," and "a multitude of clubs and campus wide activities to appeal to almost every interest." According to those in the know, "it's up to the individual on how active or inactive they want their lifestyle to be," and from the sounds of things, most "have full time jobs or internships."

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Look under "Visit Pace" on www.pace.edu, "Directions to All Locations". The closest airports are JFK and LaGuardia for NYC and White Plains and LaGuardia for Westchester. Newark and Stewart are also available.

Driving Instructions to Campus
Look under "Visit Pace" on www.pace.edu, "Directions to All Locations". There are directions to all campuses for driving as well as public transportation.

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There are hotels in downtown New York City as well as midtown and in White Plains and Tarrytown for visiting the Westchester Campuses.


Applicants: 26,613
Acceptance Rate: 83%
Average HS GPA: 89.40



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