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The campus culture at Tufts University in Massachusetts is “thriving and alive,” and as such it really encourages students to merge their academic and social interests and “pursue both in a passionate way.” This is a place where, through active discussion and a student body with a zest for life, “passion meets reality.” The academic experience here is marked by “small classes with knowledgeable and interesting professors.” “I have had the opportunity to explore a huge amount of academic subjects and really challenge myself,” says a student. If students actively seek out their “highly accessible and prompt” professors, they will be rewarded with “a better learning experience and with incomparable relationships with brilliant (yet down to earth) professors.” “Whenever I ask them a question that they might not know the answer to, they do research on it immediately and return quickly with a detailed response.” The academic curriculum is a “perfect mix of liberal arts and university,” and the professors are actively concerned with making sure that students leave with a true understanding of the course material, “not just a book list under their arms.” These “global minded, ambitious” students rise to the challenge and beyond, as “most every student focuses on life beyond their education” and seeks out a well-rounded life. “It is far easier to succeed here than to fail, as long as you are committed to getting as strong an education as possible,” advises a student. “I’ve literally been offered a research position by asking questions multiple times,” says another. The international relations program at this globally-aware school is particularly strong (as are study abroad options), but activism spills over into the entirety of the student body. “Change is easily made here,” and “if you have a problem with something, you can easily address it.” A lot of effort is put into ensuring that every student transitions well into college and succeeds. A strong alumni network and excellent internship opportunities also “open up a world of opportunities after graduation.”

Student Body

This is a group of go-getters, so here “everyone has the same passion for excellence” and “is engaged in so many activities on campus.” Tufts is “a quirky (yet normal) compilation of a bunch of young adults with not only big dreams for the world, but with dedication and motivation to complete them.” “It’s like a competition to be the “most interesting [person] in the world,” says a senior. Even better, “being nerdy is cool!” “We here embrace weirdness. If talking to new people in daily life is awkward, we know it and we revel in it,” says a sophomore. There is “no discrimination whatsoever,” though “it can actually get frustrating how politically correct everyone is.” From “dancing and singing to teaching and tutoring to international community service,” students here are “stunningly busy and happy to be so.”

Campus Life

Though the campus itself is gorgeous, “the true beauty of the school is in the unique and quirky nature of its student body.” Generally, there are “always a lot of events going on around campus that attract students every weekend” and the variety of clubs and activities available is “amazing.” “Almost everything here is run by clubs and student organizations,” and the Tufts Dance Collective and Quadball clubs are some of the most popular and fun options, as is a cappella. Public transportation “makes everything accessible,” and on the weekends, students often go into Boston or Davis Square and spend the day shopping and “eating non-dining hall food,” and at night “there are usually good parties to go to.” “There is more to do in this city than anyone can possibly do in four years,” says a student.

People here are “always thinking about politics” and all have a lot of spirit for Tufts, and “it’s really nice to walk around campus knowing that you’re in a place where almost everyone is excited to be there.” “This is a great place to share knowledge you have, because everyone wants to hear it and share their own experiences and thoughts,” says a student.

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Most Popular Places On Campus
The Aidekman Arts Center
Tisch Library, Edwin Ginn Library
Gantcher Family Sports and Convocation Center and Tisch Sports and Fitness
Granoff Music Center
Mayer Campus Center
Joyce Cummings Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Museum of Fine Arts
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park
TD Garden- Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins
Davis Square

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Logan International Airport in Boston is a 15-minute drive from campus. You can take a subway, bus, or taxi to campus from the airport. Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses serve Boston; public transportation and taxis can take you to Tufts from the bus and train stations.

Local Accommodations
A Cambridge House (2218 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge; 617-491-6300 or 800-232-9989) is an elegant turn-of-the-century colonial. Most, though not all, of the rooms share baths. Rates are moderate to very expensive and higher during the summer than during the rest of the year. The price includes a full breakfast and refreshments in the afternoon. Cambridge House also has a referral service to bed-and-breakfasts in the area. Susse Chalet (211 Concord Tpke., Cambridge; 617-661-7800) is inexpensive and a scant 2 miles from campus. Days Inn (19 Commerce Way, Woburn; 617-935-0039) is also close to campus, and has an indoor swimming pool and a restaurant. See the Harvard-Radcliffe entry for suggestions around Harvard Square about 2 miles south and the MIT entry for some posh hotel suggestions in southern Cambridge, about 4 miles south.


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