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Tucked away on Long Island, the United States Merchant Marine Academy offers students the chance to pursue a prestigious though rigorous and regimented education. Further, it allows undergrads to join “a group of elite students who work hard and [are] honest and patriotic.” Students here caution that the academics are “extremely difficult,” especially given the “fast-paced classroom environment.” Additionally, when asked about their professors, students dole out mixed reviews. Though most assert that their teachers are “very intelligent,” some bemoan a “lack of enthusiasm.” While some professors are described as “fair, approachable, and extremely helpful,” other professors come across as “heartless and condescending.” Regardless of which classes you enroll in, the Merchant Marine Academy is “a school that requires plenty of effort on behalf of the student.” As one midshipman proudly sums up, “The opportunities afforded by this Academy are unparalleled by any other college I have come across. Despite the immense sacrifices and hardships of this school, it is completely worth it for the right person.”

Student Body

At first glance, the average Merchant Marine Academy midshipman could be described as “a white, conservative male.” Of course, there’s definitely more to these students than race, gender, and political views. Certainly, undergrads can also be depicted as “respectful,” “athletic,” and “outgoing.” They can also be categorized as “those that want to work in the maritime industry and those that want to join the military.” Moreover, many are “hardworking and serious.” As one undergrad explains, “If you aren’t willing to work, you won’t be here long.” Another student continues, “The typical student has tons on his plate, whether it’s regimental duties or academic ones. [However], no matter what, if you need help with something, somebody will be there for you.” A fellow midshipman concurs, summing up, “The students here are all a family. Each one of us here at the Merchant Marine Academy [has] experienced the same rigorous training and tough treatment plebe year. We all work together in everything we do, and without one another it is almost impossible to succeed at the Academy.” Actually, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is increasing the diversity of its student body every year.

Campus Life

Undergrads at the Merchant Marine Academy don’t mince words about life at their school. Indeed, the majority seem to be in agreement that because “it is a military academy; fun is generally limited.” As one straightforward student explains, “We are restricted to the campus grounds during the week until senior year. Life is pretty drab, dull, and boring [with] most time spent either in class, studying, or working out.” Moreover, undergrads are “restricted by the regiment and disciplinary system.” Of course, even these hardworking midshipmen get to kick back every now and again. Another undergrad cheerfully shares, “When the spring comes, everyone gets out to play rec sports (Ultimate Frisbee, tag football, soccer, swim, or bike ride) and goes to the park to BBQ.” A fellow student chimes in, “We have a good time, and usually, it is the little things that make us happy. We enjoy hanging out on weekends and doing things that normal college students would do. Recently a few friends and I had a Nerf gun battle, which was pretty fun.” When they are allowed, midshipmen rush to get off campus. Indeed, students here love to take advantage of the fact that they are “only twenty minutes from downtown NYC.” As this wise midshipman concludes, “New York City in uniform boils down to cheap food, movies, plays, concerts, easy way to meet girls, you name it.... We work hard all week, but when it comes time, we get to play hard as well.”

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