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Those who attend the University of Houston tap into a wealth of resources: a long list of majors, plentiful student organizations, and an extensive alumni network. The “diversity of programs” brings with it “a lot of super hands-on programs,” and in that, “the university provides many different ways to get ahead.” This is evidenced by the “high job placement” students cite. To that benefit, there are “plenty of opportunities to volunteer within the college” and to get your foot in the door—the school is near the epicenter of a number of different fields, including healthcare, oil and gas, and many Fortune 500 companies. With all of that, one student says, “It really seems my future is cared for and cultivated here.”

That cultivation wouldn’t be possible without the instructors at UH. However, students admit that professors can be “a mixed bag” in terms of their teaching efficacy. Don’t let that worry you too much, though—there are “some real hidden gems at this school” and most of the faculty “put effort into teaching the student on the fundamentals of the course.” That’s often done with “fun and engaging class projects, such as a Shark Tank simulation,” “discussion-based exams,” or TED Talks. They’re also fairly accessible outside of class: “Making appointments with advisors is not very difficult,” says one student. And given that it’s a Tier One research university, there are opportunities for “nearly one-onone researching” with faculty.

Student Body

The University is “extremely diverse both racially and culturally.” As one student explains: “No two students sitting next to each other are the same.” This diversity “makes for an environment that is collectively considerate about the circumstances of others.” Even better, students are “approachable and just overall easy to talk to on campus” and “amazing with school spirit,” particularly during athletic events. And while “many commute from home” and don’t necessarily stick around to show that school spirit, “if you choose to get involved, you will meet some interesting and exciting people.”

Campus Life

This is a “very organized and…active student body,” the sort of place where you’ll find that students “go to the rec [center] to work out before or after classes.” Everyone is “very social”—between classes, “there are always clusters of people, and the school does a good job of providing a lot of group space” for collaboration. However, if you need some time to yourself, the campus also has plenty of “individual spaces when you need” them. Those attending campus events will find they “always have games [and] free food,” which is great for the students who also “enjoy walking around campus and trying out the different food trucks” when there aren’t events going on. Student organizations are also “very involved on campus…and try to help students do better or to provide opportunities for [growth].” Even with all of the options presented to them, for the most part “people are very focused on their studies.” And since so many people here commute, “most students try to pack all their classes into two days,” tending to “fill their day on campus with classes and studying/ socializing in public places,” such as the “really beautiful fountains and park-like areas around campus that are great for relaxing when it’s warm out.”

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Applicants: 29,783
Acceptance Rate: 66%
Average HS GPA: 3.49



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