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“Great research opportunities,” and “phenomenal engineering programs” among other fantastic departments, attract students to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. “A topranked university in a beautiful city that has a lot of great job opportunities”—how could you resist? And, given its “large” size, it’s a virtual guarantee that “anyone can find what they want to do.” Even better, the university really makes an effort to “help students discover themselves.” An impressed psych major explains, “Our school pushes us to expand our horizons, to go outside of our comfort zones, and to try things that we never would have considered trying before.” And Minnesota deftly maintains “a small school feeling” amidst “an urban setting,” something many undergrads here value. By and large, Minnesota professors tend to be “approachable and are more than willing to take time out of their day to ensure you understand the material.” They are also “very knowledgeable” and “strive to make [the subject matter] exciting.” In short, “the University of Minnesota is a place with endless opportunity for those willing to discover their passions.”

Student Body

Given the university’s large undergraduate population, it’s rather difficult to put “[students] into one category.” Indeed, Minnesota truly manages to net “a wide variety of people.” A dental hygiene student confirms this stating, “We have so much diversity here, that it is hard to pinpoint a general student type.” And a mechanical engineering major quickly follows up, “Due to its size, everyone can find their niche and be free to express who they are.” That being said, undergrads report that most of their peers are “generally quite friendly and outgoing.” And everyone is “pretty willing to go out of their way for others, we are Minnesota nice after all.” Further, many “students are driven to succeed and to make the most of the vast opportunities offered by the UMN.” And a political science major matter-of-factly asserts that a large number of students are “white, middle to upper middle-class Midwesterner[s], most likely hailing from Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the Dakotas.” Of course, at the very least, nearly all Minnesota undergrads can “fit in by bonding over how much [they] hate winter.”

Campus Life

Attending the University of Minnesota means that your life is likely to be “full of variety.” Indeed, from “biking [and] outdoor games [to] reading in the park, going to the farmers market, attending events at Coffman or TCF Bank Stadium, or taking the green line down town to explore,” undergrads here “can get involved in almost anything.” UMN also “hosts a lot of lectures and discussions with prominent figures.” Further, as a member of the Big Ten conference, it’s no surprise that “sporting events are widely popular, even if we aren’t doing very well.” As if that wasn’t enough, “the Coffman building always has something going on—movies, book signings—and there are a ton of student groups to join, no experience necessary.” There is also a “thriving” Greek population on campus, and a social scene that also involves a handful of “house parties,” which typically feature “alcohol and lots of dancing.” And, of course, the Twin Cities themselves have “a lot going on!” As a political science student succinctly puts it, “If you’re bored on a weekend, then you’re not looking hard enough.”

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Weisman Art Museum
McNamara Alumni Center
TCF Bank Stadium
Goldstein Gallery
Northrup Memorial Auditorium
Coffman Memorial Union, Mariucci Arena, University Theater, Rarig Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Science Museum
Mall of America
Walker Art Center
ValleyFair Amusement Park
Target Center
Excel Energy Center

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Campus Tours
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Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is approximately 12 miles from campus. Two hotels on campus provide daytime limousine service from the airport. For details, call Radisson University Hotel (800-333-3333 or 612-379-8888) or Holiday Inn Metrodome (800-HOLIDAY or 612-333-4646). Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Taxis are available for the drive from the terminals to campus. Public transportation to campus is available: Metro Transit provides bus service to and from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. For more information, call 612-344-7000.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-94 (east or west), take the Huron Blvd. exit (235B). From I-35 (east or west), take the University Ave. SE exit (18).


Applicants: 38,001
Acceptance Rate: 75%



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