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Listening to Yale students wax rhapsodic about their school, one can be forgiven for wondering whether they aren’t actually describing the platonic form of the university. By their own account, students here benefit not only from “amazing academics and extensive resources” that provide “phenomenal inand out-of-class education,” but also from participation in “a student body that is committed to learning and to each other.” Unlike some other prestigious, prominent research universities, Yale “places unparalleled focus on undergraduate education,” requiring all professors to teach at least one undergraduate course each year. “[You know] the professors actually love teaching, because if they just wanted to do their research, they could have easily gone elsewhere.” A residential college system further personalizes the experience. Each residential college “has a Dean and a [Head], each of which is only responsible for 300 to 500 students, so administrative attention is highly specialized and widely available.” Students further enjoy access to “a seemingly never-ending supply of resources (they really just love throwing money at us)” that includes “the [13.8] million volumes in our libraries.” In short, “the opportunities are truly endless.” “The experiences you have here and the people that you meet will change your life and strengthen your dreams,” says one student. Looking for the flip side to all this? “If the weather were a bit nicer, that would be excellent,” one student offers. Guess that will have to do.

Student Body

A typical Yalie is “tough to define because so much of what makes Yale special is the unique convergence of different students to form one cohesive entity. Nonetheless, the one common characteristic of Yale students is passion—each Yalie is driven and dedicated to what he or she loves most, and it creates a palpable atmosphere of enthusiasm on campus.” True enough, the student body represents a wide variety of ethnic, religious, economic, and academic backgrounds, but they all “thrive on learning, whether in a class, from a book, or from a conversation with a new friend.” Students here also “tend to do a lot.” “Everyone has many activities that they are a part of, which in turn fosters the closely connected feel of the campus.” Undergrads tend to lean to the left politically, but for “those whose political views aren’t as liberal as the rest of the campus…there are several campus organizations that cater to them.”

Campus Life

Yale is, of course, extremely challenging academically, but students assure us that “aside from the stress of midterms and finals, life at Yale is relatively carefree.” Work doesn’t keep undergrads from participating in “a huge variety of activities for fun. There are more than 400 student groups, including singing, dancing, juggling fire, theater…the list goes on. Because of all of these groups, there are shows on-campus all the time, which are a lot of fun and usually free or less than five dollars. On top of that, there are parties and events on campus and off campus, as well as many subsidized trips to New York City and Boston.” Many here “are politically active (or at least politically aware)” and “a very large number of students either volunteer or try to get involved in some sort of organization to make a difference in the world.” When the weekend comes around, “there are always parties to go to, whether at the frats or in rooms, but there’s definitely no pressure to drink if you don’t want to. A good friend of mine pledged a frat without drinking and that’s definitely not unheard of (but still not common).” The relationship between Yale and the city of New Haven “sometimes leaves a little to be desired, but overall it’s a great place to be for four years.”

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Bradley International Airport near Hartford, is 50 miles from campus. Tweed Airport in New Haven has commuter service from most major East Coast cities. Amtrak trains serve New Haven from Boston or Washington, DC, via Penn Station in New York. There is hourly Metro-North train service between New Haven and Grand Central Station in New York; call 212-532-4900 for schedule details. Greyhound Bus Lines, the Arrow Line (800-231-2222), and Peter Pan Line (800-343-9999) provide intercity bus service to New Haven.

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From I-95, take Exit 47 to reach campus. From I-91, take Exit 3. Go past 3 lights and make the first right onto Hillhouse Avenue, where Yale is located.

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