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For students searching for an undergraduate experience at a “private and prestigious” institution with “an inviting atmosphere” that’s “priced competitively,” York College of Pennsylvania has much to offer. The “small, cozy, and spirited” school provides access to “small classes with a focus on practicality” and “great laboratories and research opportunities at a low cost.” One student declares,” Our school is community driven school with many activities and programs but also with a lot of emphasis on professionalism.” Students praise their school’s “excellent nursing, engineering, and secondary-ed programs.” York’s strengths also include “a strong support system within each major as well as tutors at the Center for Teaching and Learning to provide additional help when needed.” Another asset is the school’s “very involved and caring academic faculty.” One student raves, “How can you not like professors that care whether or not you are equipped to succeed after graduation?” Numerous students agree that “Teacher/ student relationships are important and easy to establish because of small class size.” At this school, “Professors view students as adults and friends, not students who know nothing.” Although students are generally satisfied with York’s education programs and faculty, many of the commuter students have one gripe.Those students point out, “They take the commuter parking for everything on campus and leave us with nowhere to park.”

Student Body

Many of York’s “easy going and approachable” students “were raised in suburban or rural communities in Pennsylvania or the surrounding states” and it “seems like a good chunk of students are from New Jersey...” In general, “Most students are from bluecollar or middle-class families.” This may explain the “down to earth” vibe among the student population. One student points out, “The stereotypical college hippies or cool kids I've met from more cosmopolitan schools don't exist at York. You see goatees and Wranglers rather than Ray-Bans and J. Crew.” While students admit that the student body is “not very diverse due to geographic area” and that “it's a very homogeneous community,” they prolaim that students are “self-motivated and accepting of other students regardless of background.” “The typical York student is involved in maybe 2-3 clubs, cares about grades but is not overly nerdy about it, and knows the value of money,” says one student. When it comes to extracurricular life, “Most fit in by being a part of Greek life or a club.”

Campus Life

York’s “beautiful campus” offers students a “small school feel, big school experience” through “lots of school-based activities and clubs.” The student-run Campus Activities Board (CAB) “organizes events during the week and every weekend to keep the students entertained. Some events include; hypnotists, bands, poets, plays, free food, movies and sports events.” With its Division III teams and “great athletic facilities,” it is no surprise that “sporting events at York, especially soccer and boys basketball, are very popular.” Students who prefer alcohol to sports should note that York is a dry campus and that “the Campus Safety officials do their best to crack down on underage drinking and drinking on campus.” However, students admit that “There is a lot of partying off-campus on the weekends…” Although “Most people go to off campus homes on Jackson Street to party,” students warn that the area next to the campus is “not always the safest place to be at night.” The city of York itself has “lots of eating places, movie theaters, two malls in the area and some big cities are roughly half an hour away.” For those seeking some big city action, “The school sponsors many bus trips to cities such as Baltimore, Philly and NYC.”

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Ines Ramirez
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Most Popular Places On Campus
Collegiate Performing Arts Center
Grumbacher Sports & Fitness Center
West Campus Community Center
York College Art Galleries
Student Union Spart's Den

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Galleria and West Manchester Malls
York Fair
Regal Cinema
Strand Capital Performing Arts Center
Central Market

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Campus Tours
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Bus service to York. Train service to Harrisburg or Lancaster. Closest airport-Harrisburg International.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-83 take exit 15. Turn left onto Country Club Rd and look for the main gate of campus.

Local Accommodations
Local hotels: Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Days Inn, Best Western, Sheraton Four Points, Yorktowne Hotel, Quality Inn, Country Inn.


Applicants: 9,934
Acceptance Rate: 74%
Average HS GPA: 3.54



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