Here's everything you need to know about guessing on the LSAT and how to best deal with questions you either don't know how to answer or don't have time to work through.

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Can you guess on the LSAT?

Yes! Remember:

1. You’re not penalized for wrong answers, so you should never leave any questions unanswered.

2. All right answers count for one point, no matter how you get them, so always guess on questions you choose to skip or don’t make it to.

You don’t have to attempt every question to get a great score on the test. In fact, attempting too many questions is a common mistake many students make. Some questions are particularly difficult, and even if you had five minutes for that question alone, you might still miss it—and five minutes is too long to spend on any one question, even if you do get it right! You actually have only about 1.3 minutes per question (on average)! Our courses will help you to identify these time-wasting questions and develop a pacing plan that maximizes your score in each section.

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What’s the Best LSAT guessing strategy?

LOTD – Letter of the Day

Remember: - Don’t overthink your guessing strategy: pick a letter and make it your guess letter for every section of the test. We call this your letter of the day.

Sticking with one letter is quick and increases your chances of getting at least some right. If you used a pattern such as A-B-C-D-E, but the right answers were B-C-D-E-A, you’d miss them all, but if you stuck to a single letter, you’d get at least one. Guess quickly and confidently on difficult or time-consuming questions and save your time for easier questions. The goal is to maximize the amount of time you spend getting questions right and to minimize the amount of time you spend getting questions wrong.