LSAT change infogrphic

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) announced a significant change to the exam for the next testing cycle, beginning with the August 2024 test. This change includes the removal of the LSAT "Logic Games." The LSAT will continue to evaluate skills such as reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing, crucial for success in law school and the legal profession.  

Reason for the LSAT Change

In 2019, LSAC reached a settlement agreement with two visually impaired individuals who argued that the Analytical Reasoning ("logic games") section violated the Americans With Disabilities Act  as it presented disadvantages for blind test takers due to their inability to draw diagrams for problem-solving. As part of the settlement, LSAC had four years to replace the logic games with a new section.

New Test Sections

Following an examination of alternatives, LSAC decided to introduce a second Logical Reasoning ("arguments") section to replace the existing "logic games" section. Beginning with the August 2024 test, the LSAT will consist of two scored Logical Reasoning sections, one scored Reading Comprehension section, and an unscored section featuring either Logical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension for piloting future items.


The first test administration to remove LSAT "logic games" will be August 2024. 

The LSAT change will not impact tests administered between now and June 2024. These tests will consist of one Logical Reasoning section, one Reading Comprehension section, one Analytical Reasoning section, and an unscored section. 

Preparing for the Test

As students are already well-acquainted with the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT, the introduction of a second Logical Reasoning section at the start of a new testing year will minimally affect those who have already started preparing for the LSAT.