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When are LSAT score released?

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) lists the score release date for each LSAT administration on its page for LSAT Dates, Deadlines, and Score Release Dates. Select your LSAT administration to view the score release date, which is typically about three weeks after the test date.

What to expect on score release day

Your score will not be released until you have at least one approved LSAT Writing sample on file, so plan to complete this requirement either before you take the LSAT or within a few days of taking the LSAT. Score release could also be delayed by a hold on your account, which could occur if, for example, LSAC is investigating a complaint.

If you have at least one approved LSAT Writing sample and no holds on your account, then at about 9:00 am EST on score release day, you will receive an email from LSAC indicating that your score is available in your LSAC account.

How you can see your LSAT score

The email itself will not include your score. You will need to log in to your account at, scroll down to LSAT Registrations, and click View LSAT Registrations & Statuses to see your score and percentile rank.

If you purchased LSAT Score Preview , you will have six calendar days to decide whether to keep or cancel your score. If you do cancel your score, it will still be reported as a canceled score to the schools you applied to, and it will still count against the annual and lifetime limits on taking the LSAT .