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IE University offers students a “world-class business school” that “has a global outlook,” both of which are rather fitting for an MBA program located in the heart of Madrid. Many candidates are drawn here in large part because they can complete their degree in one year, “which is more attractive … due to monetary and work experience opportunity costs” often associated with longer programs. Of course, the condensed schedule means that the academics are “fast-paced” and “challenging.” Still, in addition to being “academically rigorous, [they are] socially rewarding.” And when it comes to coursework, IE’s curriculum offers tremendous flexibility, giving students the opportunity to “choose from over 100 different courses … as electives.” This ensures everyone is able “to focus on their main subjects of interest.” But regardless of chosen path, there is a huge “focus on entrepreneurship and social responsibility.” One student explains, “The start-up lab is an entrepreneurial gold mine of learning [as] it successfully simulates the process of starting a business from scratch.” A classmate agrees, adding that these labs “make learning more practical.” There’s even an “opportunity to spend a semester abroad [on] a social consulting project,” a hands-on approach often found in core classes as well. Another IE MBA elaborates, “My marketing, quantitative methods, and accounting courses provided me with new ways to manipulate data to deliver a product consumers want within budget,” and these classes “challenge [students’] grasp of a particular subject.”

Moreover, students here love that their professors tend to be “real life practitioners and experts, not tenured researchers” focused on publishing. What’s more, the classrooms themselves are replete with “modern equipment … on each floor” that can be booked for study sessions. In sum, there’s a lot on offer here. As this student sums it up, “Madrid is amazing, the school is fantastic, and the students and faculty are top notch. … I honestly believe you can’t find a better way to spend a year of your life.”

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