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Students rule the school at Loyola Marymount University. At this private Southern California institution, each MBA candidate can pursue an education that uniquely fits his or her lifestyle, professional commitments, and educational goals. Designed for individuals with at least two years of professional or internship experience, the LMU MBA program holds classes in the evenings. Students take core coursework in the first year, and choose electives and courses based on area of emphasis in their second year. The “versatile and flexible schedule” is designed with the busy student in mind. For their required global study component, students choose between two “shorter two-week international [programs], which are ideal for fully employed students who want to study abroad.” “Getting required courses is always easy,” and if students aren’t sure exactly how to shape their experience, Loyola will help. Throughout the program, “professors and advisers will work with students to craft a program that meets their needs without taking over their life.”Business students are keen to evaluate an organization’s efficiency, and most give high marks to Loyola’s operations. From class registration to scheduling, “the school’s administration is a well-oiled machine that keeps everything running very smoothly and efficiently.” “The new library is exceptional and helps facilitate on-campus studies and group work.” The school also employs a “business librarian, who can help us do research.” Unlike most commuter campuses, “parking on campus is a breeze, with free valet service during peak hours.” Loyola maintains a reputation as “one of the best schools in the Los Angeles area,” and it continues to improve its rank and services. Among other factors, “the competitiveness and caliber of student has also increased significantly in just the past few years, improving the overall value of the experience.”


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LMU students and alumni have full access to the MBA Career Services Office (CSO). The CSO provides access to several online job boards, provides resume and interview preparation advice, and offers individual career counseling. Students praise the career services staff that is “willing to provide extensive one-on-one time to students and will connect them with alumni across the nation.” On that note, “alumni have been extremely helpful in career advice, opportunities, and placement.”

Students love Loyola’s fabulous Los Angeles location, which keeps them close to a plethora of great job opportunities. With L.A. at their fingertips, students “would like to see more networking events and employers on campus” and more aggressive career placement. Loyola Marymount is constantly bettering its services in response to student requests. Many note that, “The CSO has improved drastically over the past year with an increase in staff and response to student feedback.” During the last few semesters, the “frequency of seminars and workshops has increased,” while “job postings specifically recruiting LMU students have begun to rise.” There is also a push to create “joint pro- gramming with the Alumni Association.”


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“Perched atop the bluff overlooking Marina Del Rey, the LMU campus is lush and beau- tiful,” boasting an excellent environment and great resources for students. “The library is state of the art with phenomenal technology,” and there is an “excellent gym and pool facility, which is also open to spouses.” In the business school, students can take advan- tage of “an amazing new library, more computer and study rooms, an on-campus bar, and lounges and restaurants.”

At Loyola, the school year kicks off with the “Annual Welcome Back BBQ to bring cur- rent students and new students together.” For those who want to get involved in campus life, “the Student Association is very active and plans many events and volunteering programs throughout the year.” Community service is popular with the business school, as are “happy hours, soccer matches, softball games, BBQs, and tailgating at University sports events.” Since all students attend classes part-time, “grad students mostly just come and go and don’t really stay on campus between classes.” However, “LMU has started organizing activities for married students with families,” which may attract a new group of participants.

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