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Just as Rice University is praised by some as an "Ivy of the South," so too is their MBA@Rice program seen as every bit (if not more, according to some) as prestigious as the on-campus equivalent offered by Rice's Jones Graduate School of Business. Students stress that while the "online program curriculum is the same as their other MBA programs," and that there's a time commitment of about 15–20 hours a week, it features a far more flexible model. Between the quadmester schedule (ten weeks on, roughly three weeks off, depending on final exams and optional intensive learning experiences) and the "engaging program structure," which mixes asynchronous videos from PhD professors with live-teaching from industry experts, enrollees suggest that this may very well be "the benchmark for part-time and working individuals for the future." While a handful of students suggest they would've liked slightly longer courses, their reasoning seems to be that they just really enjoy spending time with their instructors: "I would like to keep in touch even after finishing my MBA, and connecting with folks of that caliber would not have been possible without Rice."

MBA@Rice also earns high marks for its small cohorts; with only about 15–20 participants in each class, "the program does a very good job at giving individualized attention to students." Professors aren't just "very intelligent people who have high profile jobs in the field that they teach" but also "regularly ask for feedback" that they're quick to adapt into the curriculum as needed. Moreover, "they're not only available for academic questions but also for work-related consultations." It helps, too, to have access to two different professors for each course—"two perspectives, two points of view and exposure to individuals [who are] highly acclaimed"—as well as the help of a "dedicated success advisor" and round-the-clock IT support. The technological implementation is also top-notch, with one student even likening it to Netflix with "lifetime access," as videos can be downloaded and watched (and rewatched) offline. It's convenience and reputation, all in one package.

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