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Student autonomy and an individualized curriculum are at the heart of a Bennington College education, and some say that the school's "greatest strength is how non-traditional it is." Here, students map out Plans for study and application, rather than adhering to the traditional declaration of a major. "Having access to such interesting and strange subjects is an opportunity unique" to the school, and the one-on-one guidance each student receives is "a game changer in terms of getting experience in your field." With the help of a personal Plan committee, students work toward obtaining several fundamental Capacities such as inquiry, research, and communication. All students also spend six weeks a year in a fieldwork term, completing an internship or experience where the practical outcomes of their education can be seen: "This experience is life changing, and one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Bennington," says a student. "Nothing is handed to you here, but there is freedom to do whatever you want if you have the energy to go out and get it," which students see as a learning experience in and of itself. There is a great "trust in the students to create their own path and make good decisions."

Students and professors "are encouraged to be on a first name basis with each other" and there's an appreciation for how teachers work to "succinctly encapsulate your journey, work, and experience in the course within a paragraph that is archived for futurity." Studies tend to be "very interdisciplinary and focus on a lot of unconventional and experimental ideas," and professors "will also often bring their colleagues in to discuss and connect with students." The "flexibility and nimbleness of the institution allows for maximum creativity and independence," and to many, that makes this a dream school, in that "students can literally dream up their course of study, and do work important to them."

Student Body

This is a place that is "full of people open to self-expression and being who you are, whoever you may be," where students are "very, very LGBTQIA+ accepting" and "most people are a part of the community." This "colorful cast of wonderful, intelligent people who question the world around them in very significant ways" are "as 'liberal' as a liberal arts college could get." The campus "is very inclusive and diverse which is astonishing considering the student population is not very big," and there is a "politically conscious student body that is generally very engaged in their areas of interest and work." Almost "the entire student body lives on campus for all four years, meaning communal living on campus is ever adapting and improving."

Campus Life

Housing at Bennington is just as untraditional as is its approach to degrees and grading: instead of dorms, there are houses of 30-45 students each, which means leads to "real connections with your housemates instead of just coexisting." The dining hall staff are incredibly accommodating, and there are "food options for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, and halal." A shuttle service provides ease for "grocery trips, exploring town, pickup and drop-off to and from the Albany airport and Amtrak train station," and "it's really easy to bike, walk around, and do any outdoor activities safely." As one student says, "If you are inspired by nature, Bennington is the place to be." That said, organized athletics can be hard to find: "There are sometimes sports happening, but not really." Instead, Vermont is "known for natural swimming holes, skiing, and maple syrup tapping which students become involved in seasonally." There are, however, "many opportunities to involve yourself in student leadership if you have the ambition" and "a whole bunch of clubs" for budding improv artists, comic-book fans, creative writers, and Dungeons & Dragons roleplayers.

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Commons Dining Hall and Lounge
Visual and Performing Arts Center
Edward Clark Crossett Library
Student Center
Center for the Advancement of Public Action
The Center for the Advancement of Public Action, designed by internationally renowned architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, is a major new, green academic facility on the Bennington campus. It invites you to put the world's most pressing problems at the center of your education, or to incorporate it into your work in other disciplines.

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MASS MoCA Art Museum