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It’s easy to understand why students feel Carnegie Mellon is “one of the brightest universities in the country.” After all, the university offers “unlimited opportunities for academic exploration and mastery.” Indeed, CMU undergrads value “the interdisciplinary nature of many departments here” as it certainly “enhances [their] education.” One individual elaborates, “I like that it allows students of different majors to collaborate and get to know each other, expanding general knowledge” in the process. Academically, the engineering and computer science programs are popular and “rank very highly.” Another student shares, “The curriculum is very advanced in all the STEM courses so people graduate with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.” Though the vast majority of classes at CMU are on the smaller side, some students observe that “lower-level classes tend to be large lectures.” That said, classes overall put a “huge focus on problem-solving, rather than memorization,” which students appreciate. And while some admit there are some courses “incredibly difficult and at many times overwhelming,” the overall “academic experience itself [is] enriching.” And for many, a few grueling classes is worth it, as “CMU is very well-connected to many industries and organizations, and it is very feasible for CMU students to use the university as a launching pad into their interests.”

Student Body

Students at Carnegie Mellon immediately note that their peers tend to be incredibly “academically focused” and “set themselves to a very high standard in their work.” Fortunately, they still know how to foster “a supportive learning environment where students help each other grow. There’s no toxic competition among us.” But there is no denying that many are “intensely working for internships and jobs which will carry us in the future.” This type of dedication to excellence extends beyond the classroom as well, with students saying their peers are “really passionate about things they do,” including their extracurriculars. Though a few individuals do lament that some classmates “find that participating in other organizations is only a means to add things to a resume, rather than have fun in school,” most feel it’s “more important to have a healthy work-life balance.”

Socially, “many people [at CMU] are introverts.” Although people like to stick to their groups—like athletes or international students—“the student body can be diverse if you don’t stay in your bubble.” At CMU, “everyone is a quirky kid” and has “unique interests and hobbies that you wouldn’t expect.” As one student notes, “You can have a good conversation with almost anyone about their courses, their departments, homework, different professors, etc.”

Campus Life

Life at Carnegie Mellon moves at a frenetic pace. “There’s always something to do and experience.” As one undergrad explains, “Whether it’s programming, singing a cappella, dancing Bhangra, driving in Buggy races, we invest and spend a lot of time in everything we do.” Of course, it helps that “the school’s extracurriculars are sensational.” Many feel “there’s such a wide variety of…clubs, events, and traditions” that there’s something for everyone. “I have enjoyed academic bowl, model UN, ultimate Frisbee, and the Black student organization. There are also professional and other minority organizations, mock trial, intramural and club sports, a newspaper and other policy magazines,” one student notes.

When the weekend rolls around, you can always find “some sort of party” or a handful of students heading “out to bars and clubs,” though many people are also content with “movie and game nights.” Finally, CMU undergrads also love to experience all that Pittsburgh has to offer. You can often find people “heading into the neighboring areas of Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and Shadyside to grab food and hang out.” Plus, the city has tons “of cool museums,” and the university is “situated between two nice parks” which are always great for a stroll.

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Cohon University Center (Student Center)
Tepper Quad
The Cut
Hunt Library

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Cultural events/places
Pirates and Steelers games
Schenley Park
Cultural places include such places as: Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh Ballet, Pittsburgh Zoo, numerous theaters, etc.

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
M, T, Th, F
M, T, Th, F: 9a-4:30p; (Prospective undergraduate students and families can schedule a visit to campus through the Office of Undergraduate Admission)

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Varies
Times: Varies
Average Length: 1 hour

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Campus Interviews

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Multiple times throughout the year.

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Academic Year

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Overnight Dorm Stays


Must be a high school senior and at least 16 years old.


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Traveling by Air: The Pittsburgh International Airport is 22 miles (approximately 45 minutes driving time) from the Carnegie Mellon campus. Pittsburgh has many tunnels and bridges, and construction that may slow travel to and from the airport. If you are visiting campus in the morning, you are encouraged to fly to Pittsburgh the day prior to your visit. Once you arrive at the Pittsburgh International Airport there are several transportation options to bring you to campus. While car rentals from most rental agencies are available, the 28X Airport Flyer Bus (sponsored by the Port Authority Transit), is one of the more popular options for visitors and students. The 28X stops in the heart of the Carnegie Mellon campus and typically takes 40 minutes en route to the airport. The trip is free for Carnegie Mellon students and costs $2.75 one-way for passengers paying cash. For more information about schedules and rates, please visit the official PAT website (http://www.portauthority.org). Uber, Lyft and taxi services are popular and easy to use in Pittsburgh. There are a variety options to accommodate your party size and specific transportation needs. The most centrally located campus pick-up/drop-off spaces are in front of the Cohon University Center or Hamburg Hall, both on Forbes Avenue. Traveling by Bus The Greyhound Trailways Bus Terminal is located five miles from campus in downtown Pittsburgh. For a detailed transportation schedule, please call 1-800-231-2222. The station terminal is located at the intersection of 11th Street and Liberty Avenue and can be reached by telephone at 412-392-6526. Traveling by Train The Amtrak Train Station is located at 1100 Liberty Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh and just four miles from campus. For more information on rates and schedules, please call 1-800-872-7245.

Driving Instructions to Campus
Traveling by Car Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 If you are using a GPS, the following address will take you to the East Campus Parking Garage: 5040 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Please see the Family & Parents page: https://www.cmu.edu/parents/events/travel-and-hotels.html


Applicants: 34,261
Acceptance Rate: 11%
Average HS GPA: 3.90



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