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Lancaster Bible College is all about preparing young men and women to build God-honoring relationship[s] and to serve God and others through professional ministries, church ministries, and everyday life encounters, students here tell us. As its name might suggest, LBC offers a "teaching program with a strong biblical emphasis." Aside from its specialized focus, what sets LBC apart from most schools is the student body's almost unanimous appreciation of the faculty and administration. Professors are "very educated in their topics and experienced in fields relating to those topics;" they also "really care about the students and are willing to go the extra mile for them." Administrators do "a fabulous job of communicating their vision to the students. They often spend time with students by eating in the cafeteria, attending chapel, or just being readily available." As one satisfied junior writes: "All of the staff and faculty at my school are usually available to help and talk to students outside the classroom. I have a few professors I talk to about personal issues, and I know that they pray for me."

Student Body

Because students at LBC are all Bible majors along with their specific majors, most have a desire to be in some [type] of church ministry, whether it be full-time or part-time, after their graduation. Undergrads here tend to "come from a conservative background"; are already "familiar with Christianity and the Bible"; and fall somewhere between "moderate" and "zealous in faith and Christian living." They're also typically "Caucasian," though "There are a few African Americans and Asians" on campus. An undergrad describes the situation this way: "There isn't a variety of diversity on our campus, but those of a different background are definitely loved and cared for." Another student adds: "We all share the common bond of Christ and are, therefore, like one big family." While students "who don't seem to care much about Christ" are still "embraced," they are "somewhat separated, possibly because of their own goals."

Campus Life

Students at LBC "study toward the goal of knowing God more," and their "lives reflect this devotion to God." "Everyone is involved in some kind of service, whether that is helping a YMCA or interning at a church." Add "classes," "chapel," and, for many, "on-campus jobs," and one might envision a relatively Spartan existence for LBC undergrads. This, however, is not the case: "Most students are very anxious to have fun and enjoy their college years," a sophomore tells us. Fun entails "a lot of active things," such as "tak[ing] walks," "ice skating at Clipper Stadium," "working out in the gym," and "playing intramural sports such as dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee," or "three-on-three basketball." Students say that "going to sports games to support our teams [is] very popular here, too." When they tire themselves out, undergrads enjoy "just hanging out playing pool and watching movies," and love exploring hometown Lancaster, which "has a wide variety of restaurants and other things to do." Music fans appreciate that "a lot of time on the weekends there will be a concert going on in the chapel"-often by a well-known Christian musician-"and as students we get in free or [at a] discount."

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