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All 100 students at Webb Institute are driven by two loves: engineering and ships. That’s to be expected of this Long Island institution, the oldest school devoted to naval architecture and marine engineering in the United States. It’s “a very niche school [that] is very good at what it does,” and each student graduates with a dual degree in the school’s two subjects. The academic calendar runs on semesters, and also adds a highly unique Winter Work Term, which takes place during Winter break and “tremendously augments learning and professional development” by letting students complete a paid internship in the maritime industry, whether that’s yacht design or time on a cruise ship or Antarctic icebreaker. Needless to say, the hands-on learning opportunities are extremely interesting, and include “assembling and disassembling engines, visiting the Merchant Marine Academy’s lab spaces, attending boat shows, [and] going on board ships for field trips.” All students also attend a Monday Lecture Series, “where industry leaders come to campus and give lectures on leading-edge topics like environmental science and new technologies.”

The two subjects taught at Webb have been “honed to excellence through the exhaustive course of study” and the invested professors “seek to support students both academically and personally.” (Says one student, “it is normal to see several students talking with professors while waiting in line for lunch.”) The small student body also naturally lends itself to closeknit bonds, both in terms of the present (“so many people collaborate on homework”) and the future (warm relations with alumni “results in donations and job opportunities for Webb”). Brought and bonded together by their academic focus from the start of the first year, and students “know exactly what [they] are going to accomplish from the outset.” In order “to cope with the stress students normally feel, Webb employs a psychologist,” and there is a remediation program so that students can still get credit for a class if they do other work over the Winter Work or summer break.

Student Body

“At Webb, you are one percent of the school,” which means “everyone goes through so much together” and it follows that everyone is “very independent and trustworthy.” The student body “relies heavily on having each other around, both socially and academically,” and there is “an environment of accountability and responsibility” that extends beyond the classroom and the school’s respected Honor Code. There are “many musical members…many Eagle scouts, and fishing enthusiasts,” and “water sports, disk golf, music, and video games” are some of the most popular hobbies. The “diversity itself at Webb is not the greatest” (more than 80 percent of the student body is white), but at least “everyone has their own specific interests such as cruise ships, submarines, tankers, and private yachts,” and everyone is accepting of absolutely everything: “We love our school and each other.”

Campus Life

“Time has to be utilized very effectively at Webb” to keep stress levels down, and if students work diligently, they “typically can have a day off on the weekend.” All students live on campus, and since Webb is so small, there’s opportunity to jump in on any activity, even sports. “Anyone can play anything even if they are not athletic or have never played the sport in their life.” New York is only about 45 minutes away, and when the weather is nice, students “often take study breaks after class to go swimming or boating from the beach.” There is a student-run pub on campus for those over 21, and “for the outdoorsy types, there’s always sailing, hiking, kayaking, wakeboarding,” and the nature preserve next door.

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