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The "fun," "accessible," and "learned" art professors at The University of the Arts "are all working artists" who "take it to the next level of teaching," infusing classes "with their own unique theories and techniques" and teaching students "what it is like to be a working professional." The "Theater and dance programs are arguably the most successful and popular" here, and dance professors "push you daily to make you a better dancer." In fact, all three colleges-Art and Design, Media and Communication, and Performing Arts-are very strong. Some students say that smaller programs deserve more attention and money-"The Communication Department is the only department in the school without studios for upperclassmen"-and that the school needs "a recreational center, parking lots, new studios, [and] renovated classrooms." However, the administration is "open," and "well-intentioned."

Student Body

All those crazy artists, actors, musicians, dancers, and computer geeks you knew in high school are all here. In fact, "Everyone is very accepted" and "You can act however you want, and nothing is crazy enough." While the typical undergrad is "White and from New Jersey," the African American community is much larger than at most other art schools, and many students are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Personality types "run from extremely extroverted (the theater kids) to introverted until you get to know them. All are for the most part excited to be here, and while some stay in the cliques of their majors, most have a friends-circle that spans the university." The student body boasts that they are "overall nice people," and "Not only is it easy to find friends that you can relate to but they are [also] great friends that you will have for a long time." Students in all three schools are "very creative" and "focused on...career goals," but they "sometimes don't get all their work in on time...They do take classes seriously, though."

Campus Life

Another art fix is always around the corner at UArts, which has "amazing connection[s] to real-life artists and the theater. There is always access to lectures and show openings." Since "Life at school is centered around what it takes to do your art," "Nine times out of ten, a conversation you'll overhear is about a project or production." Fun is disciplinary: Animation majors "watch cartoons with other animation majors," film and TV writers head to "the movies," and musicians "go to concert[s] and jazz clubs" and "get together and have jam sessions." Social divisions by medium are reinforced by the physical separation of the three schools and by unconventional living arrangements: "no meal plan, no 'campus,'" and no "student center." Philly is a more-than-adequate substitute: "The school is located right in the theater district...half a block from the Kimmel Center and other state-of-the-art performance halls. The nightlife is great" and the surrounding area is filled with "pool halls," "bars, movie theaters, theaters, South Street...it's a great time." Students agree that life here "is much better than the average college situation of going to a frat house and getting wasted." Anyway, partying isn't why UArts students are here. One student sums up the general attitude: "We work for the love of art, and that's fun for us."

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