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Drawing, as do all fine arts majors, requires exceptional self-motivation and discipline. If you major in it, you’ll be challenged to find your own artistic vision and apply it to your art. You’ll experiment with a variety of techniques and explore both traditional (still life, landscape, and the figure) and nontraditional subjects. Chances are, your notion of drawing will be challenged through the materials you’ll be encouraged to use. Drawing majors equip themselves with the knowledge of a number of mediums through a variety of two-dimensional art-related courses, particularly printmaking. You’ll learn how mediums inform and affect one another and how you might incorporate them.

One of the most valuable aspects of a major in Drawing is the opportunity to see the work of faculty and other students. Visiting faculty, outside lectures, and student exhibitions are essential to see where artists are taking the art of Drawing. Most programs offer regular student and faculty critiques, so you’ll have the chance to hear what others think of your work. You’ll also learn (the fine art itself of) how to critique others, which is absolutely necessary to becoming a better artist.

Location is an important consideration with a Drawing major. You might want to choose a college or university located in a thriving art community, where there will be ample opportunity for visits to galleries, museums, and private shows.


  • Anatomy

  • Art History

  • Color

  • Drawing Into Painting

  • Drawing Materials and Techniques

  • Figure Drawing

  • Painting

  • Studio Drawing

  • Two-dimensional Design


Drawing expertise comes only with practice, so draw, draw, draw—those doodles in your notebooks might be just the practice you need. But be warned: art schools tend to frown upon copied photos and portfolios full of drawings from the imagination. Draw from life as much as possible. Buy a full range of pencils to ensure strong gradation from light to dark in all of your drawings. Learning about different artistic mediums will make your Drawing endeavors richer, and your artistic vision broader. History and English classes might also give your art new perspectives.